Why are Republicans and Conservatives shoving health care down our throats?

Yes, it turns out people don't like the health reform bill BECAUSE IT DIDN"T GO FAR ENOUGH.

And we know the reason Obama had to compromise from single payer is because of Republicans and conservative democrats.


Aren't you sick of Republicans complaining about Obama's legislation being "shoved down our throats", when the Republicans themselves were for keeping "Don't ask don't tell" (which 75% of the people oppose) and tax cuts for the rich (which another 3/4ers disapprove).


This question asks about the popularity of health care. I am not debating health care itself in this question. Don't make me play wack-a-mole. Please answer the question asked.

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  • 10 years ago
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    If the health care bill does not go far enough it is the fault of the democrats not the republicans.

    Not one single vote was needed to pass the health care bill. Democrats hold a 78 seat majority in the House and an 18 seat party majority plus 2 independents that caucus with the democrats for a total 10 seat majority.

    House democrats voted 221 to 39 in favor of the health care bill, republicans voted 1 to 176 against.

    Senate democrats voted 60 to 39 with one person not voting, all 60 votes were democrats and all 39 votes against were from the republicans as was the one non vote (Bunning)

    This lousy legislation was crammed down our throats by the democrats, it is rather easy of anyone to see that the democrats could have placed ANYTHING they wanted into the bill including a single payer system. There is no way in HELL that one vote in the House would have made any difference and it should be obvious that there were absolutely no votes to gain in the Senate.

    The one and ONLY reason that this bill did not contain a single payer system is because of the democrats themselves. Who cares if they are conservative or liberal, they are still democrats.

    "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was a policy started by Bill Clinton. The purpose of this bill was to allow gays the opportunity to serve in the military because the military had long held a policy of preventing gays from serving.

    I prefer the don't ask don't tell policy and my reasons are based on how an openly gay might be treated. Wouldn't it be better to treat all members equally rather than to let it be known that they are gay and then subject these persons to possible homophobic acts? Acts that just may include beatings if not murder. How about an openly gay person that is killed by friendly fire. How much suspicion do you think there would be that it was an intentional act?

    Don't ask, don't tell would at minimum keep a persons sexual preference off the radar.

    I would just love to hear an explanation as to how the Bush tax cuts are interpreted as "Tax cuts for the Rich"

    Your Messiah, Obama stated that he wanted to end the tax cuts for the rich. He said that this would generate $700 billion in revenue over the next 10 years. All of this was contained in an article that appeared on Yahoo just a few weeks ago. That same article quoted Obama as saying that the Bush tax cuts cost $4 trillion over 10 years.

    Excuse me as I sharpen my pencil; $4 trillion /10 = $400 billion

    If I end tax cuts for the rich I will increase revenues $700 billion over 10 years or $70 billion per year.

    So if the Bush tax cuts cost $400 billion per year you can deduct the $70 billion that would be regained by ending those cuts on the rich leaving a total of $330 billion each year.

    70/400 = 17.5%

    Obviously the tax cuts did not benefit the rich, it benefited the remaining 82.5% of the people.

    Are you aware that in 1999 the top 1% of the tax payers paid 36.18% of all income taxes collected and the bottom 50% of the country (making less than $26,415) paid 4% of all taxes.

    In 2007 the top 1% paid 40.42% of all the taxes and the bottom 50% (less than $32,879) paid 2.89%.

    Tell me how it is that a tax cut for the rich results in them paying a higher percentage of the total taxes collected.

    If you look at the bottom 50% in 2007, this salary in 1999 would be the bottom 75% of the country.

    Why can't liberals admit that the Bush tax cuts were for the MIDDLE & LOWER CLASS?


    You claim that your question is about health care. However you are inserting don't ask don't tell and tax cuts for the rich. You are now making us play Whack-a Mole

    Source(s): Not ABC,CBS,NBC,MSNBC or CNN, hell not even Fox
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  • 4 years ago

    Sorry it was not just conservatives - all the polls taken before vote pointed that more than half of America did not want that healthcare bill, and polls taken today say the same thing. So unless you think half of the country is Conservative.. And conservatives, and republicans all voted no, and if it was not for Scott brown, we would have had a bunch more stuff shoved down our throat. If we could have health care for all without borrowing it, then that would be great, but we borrow to much to add another hand out.

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  • 10 years ago

    The program that passed was virtually identical to the Republican proposal from just a few years ago, but since Obama is a Democrat, the GOP made a 180 degree turn and opposed it. I fault Obama for trying to compromise with people who have an interest in helping only themselves and the top 2%..

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  • 10 years ago

    Sorry, but countless polls shows the majority of Americans do not want this "health care" bill. The bill only offers a few more people free health care, while the majority of those that can't get it now, still won't get it. All it's done is increase health care costs for everyone and give government more control of the choices that used to be made by us.

    If the "health care bill" is so great, why did the democrats be sure to exempt themselves from it?

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    No Republicans voted for any health care reform.

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  • 10 years ago

    I don't think it is because it doesn't go deep enough but because it will change our health care from it's ole capitalistic self to a drastically socialist one AND that doesn't go enough into what people want to be successful. Repubs are all for keeping the same ole same ole and the way our health care works and the way it is expected to work definitely upsets that.

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  • 10 years ago

    0bama doesn't compromise, he just loses.

    There weren't enough Republicans in office to impact any of his legislation anyway. He failed because a critical mass of his own party jumped ship, and they compounded the problem by waiting too long to do it.

    Source(s): Not too hard to figure out the sentiment here (hint: go with "Unpopular"). The question as asked, has been answered, you just don't like what it is.
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  • 10 years ago

    Why do you know nothing about Politics. As you support the worst president ever.

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  • 10 years ago

    Why are people forced to purchase private insurance with this law?

    Why aren't there any cost containment measures in this law?

    Why was Republican participation limited when drafting this law?

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  • 10 years ago

    I suggest you take a deep breath and promise never to make an *** of yourself ever again

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