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Best HDTV 120hz 1080p?

I've looked at the Sony Bravia KDL32EX500, LG 32LD550, and the Vizio M420NV. Which one would be best for sports and Xbox? Any help is appreciated as I've seen great and terrible reviews of each.

Also suggestions of other TV's with same specs would help too. $700-900 range.


Thank you CT. I was kinda figuring that was the best choice.

And thank you bbt for recycling your answers... and I want 1080, not being able to see the difference is a blatant lie, and Panasonic makes terrible electronics.

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    Neither the LG or the Sony you listed are 120hz...

    Samsung c630 and c650 models are great. That sony model (ex500) is a good buy in a larger size.

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    Why would you want a 1080P? Keep in mind that you can not see the difference between 720P and 1080P in screen smaller than a 46". The only source for 1080P is the Blu Ray disc movies and some video games. TV program in HD are in 720P. I was in the market for a 32" LCD last year, I read all the reviews of customers you purchased a 32" and Panasonic had the best reviews. Look at the tv screen from an angle and see how much each brand will retain the picture. Panasonic and Samsung had the best viewing angle of all and they are the most reliable tv in the market today. I actually purchase a 37" Panasonic LCD. Ask yourself, who sell Vizio brand tv, it is Wal Mart, Target, Costco and Sam's Club. They are all bargain price store and the brand is not very reliable. If you read yahoo questions, you will notice that 95% of tv problems are from LCD tv and 95% of those are off brands. You get what you pay for. Hope this will help you out.

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