kerry von erich or randy orton?

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    It depends on what you are looking for..

    Kerry was groundbreaking in so many ways. Back then there just were not many guys that had the combo of bodybuilder body, size, speed, looks, and charisma that Kerry had.

    If you want to talk in-ring skills, I would argue that Otrton has wider range moves he uses in the ring than Kerry often did.

    However, Kerry was almost killed in motorcycle wreck in '86. As a result of that his right foot was amputated. Kerry didn't stop. He went right back to wrestling with a fake foot inside his boot. His secret was safe until once Col. DeBeers grabbed Kerry's foot and tried to pull him out of the ring.

    Debeer's gave a big yank and he was left holding Kerry's boot and fake foot in his hands while Kerry was still in the ring!

    Kerry went on to wrestle in the WWF after that. Kind amazing now when you think of the time when most people saw him he was wrestling with only 1 foot. His last match was in '93 and sadly he took his own life later that year.

    Orton is a young man and he is extremely talented. If he stays healthy he will be a legend and his name will likely be spoken of as one of the all time greats. But, he has some years to go before I'd him the nod over Kerry.

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    Von Erich old school baby!

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    randy orton

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    I like Randy a lot but Kerry has always been one of my favorites.

    Please make this a complete question.

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    the viper the legend killer randy orton

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