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Do working Liberals and Democrats realize how they are perceived by the rest of the population? Imagine?

a situation where someone belonged to a group who's majority thought the Moon was made of cheese? Other members didn't believe in gravity and some thought the Sun was a big light bulb?

Now, suppose this person told you that yes, they joined the group, but didn't believe the crazy stuff that the majority believed...This person was proud to be in the group, praised the group and protected the group,,,

Would you believe the person?

How would you see this person?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Politics is about pragmatism not dogmatism.

    Liberal principals include fairer taxation, fairer electoral system and public services.

    Tory principals include lower taxes for the wealthy, first past the post, and private services.

    To form a government at all they agreed that the basic rate tax threshold would go up to £10000 (eventually), there would be a referendum on a sort of fairer electoral system, and that public spending would get the axe whilst protecting key services. Everybody in the coalition gets something they want a a price they are prepared to accept. The very definition of compromise.

    The alternative would have been months of wrangling at a time when the economy was very vulnerable to a possible run on the pound. As a Liberal (well ex I suppose I haven't paid my dues for a while) I was not entirely happy at the thought of taking the blame if this fails and not getting the credit come election time if it succeeds, but on balance the alternatives of a minority government of either hue were pretty unpalatable.

    Lets face it all three main parties themselves have factions, very few people are ever going to be happy to agree to everything that an organisation like a political party wants, most join the one that they have most in common with, and go along with the consensus.

    In the long run consensus politics make sense. It is far better to do a little at a time that everyone can live with rather than do everything you want when you get in only to have it all taken apart by the other lot when they get in, which they always do eventually.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    sounds more like the republican party? At least republicans are less likely to accept evolutionary theory and much more likely to be creationists. And being a creationist is pretty much like believing the sun is a big light bulb...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's the Cons that believe the absurd - look at their stances on evolution and climate change - They are laughed at by everyone not in their little delusional, fantasy world.

  • 1 decade ago

    liberals and democrats along with the rest of the world view the right as imbeciles..they deny evolution, Obama's birth certificate, global warming, etc.. and they openly support the corporate agenda which is to keep them down

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  • 1 decade ago


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