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Why did Obama decide the US should join the farce known as the United Nations Human Rights Council?

Of the 47 countries represented on the U.N. Human Rights Council, 13 are African (none of which are democracies), 13 Asian, (only Japan , S. Korea, and Thailand could be categorized as democracies), 8 Latin American and Caribbean (including non-democratic Cuba), 6 East European (including non-democratic Russia and Moldova) and 7 Western (free and open democracies). There are also 13 Muslim majority states and 6 Arab states, (needless to say – not democratic).

The Obama administration reversed the Bush administration’s policy of ignoring the council, which tolerates unsavory regimes and affords them influence over the body’s decision making.

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    Because he wants to abolish individual rights,which by the way is true freedom

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    Feelings And Emotions. Our Human Form.

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    He's gonna give control to the UN over US sovereignty & then he's gonna angle for the Sec Gen of the UN job in 2013. He'll trul be prez of the world.

    He'll pss his pants with glee.

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    Because Bush couldn't join the HUMAN RIGHTS council while he was torturing prisoners.

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  • Obama placed the U.S. UNDER them BECAUSE they promote unsavory regimes.

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    Because Obama recognizes something that Bush43 never understood: you can't change what's wrong when you ignore it.

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