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where can i buy a cheap christian louboutin shoes?how about www.christianlouboutinforcheap.com?

I will buy one christian louboutin shoes to wear in party.And i find this website www.christianlouboutinforcheap.com.I find many beautiful shoes on the website,and the prices are cheap.Can i buy them,anyone buy it on this website?

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    This is a typical Chinese scam site. They either outright steal your money, or attempt to sell you cheap, shoddy, and illegal knockoffs of brand name goods. If these products are seized at customs you pay a huge fine for illegal activity. Stay far away from this and any sites like it. Always check your websites via www.who.is before purchasing and stay away from any site based in China, any site online a short time, any site with a locked or private domain registrar. They are thieves.

    Source(s): www.who.is
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    "Women, the sisterhood, are coming together," said Myra Biblowit, the foundation's president. "We get through divorce, we get through breast cancer, and you go on to a healthy and beautiful life in glorious fashions."

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