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Should I wear a dress to my first middle school dance?

Im in 6th grade and My first middle school dance is onfriday and I have no idea what to wear!!!! Should I wear a dress or is that to much? I'm going with my best friend (it's a girl).

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    no its not like prom or homecoming middle school is just plain nd simple nd the dances r wack.

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    Girl, it honestly depends! I've gone to soo many middle school dances (I'm past it now, but I know where you're at!) and typically they're not that formal. Usually girls like wearing shorts and cute tank/t-shirt because if there's SO many people and it gets pretty hot. If the dance is the daytime, in my opinion, that's definitely too formal. However, at night time, you might wanna discuss it with your girlfriends. I know I always feel more comfortable when my girls are doing the same thing, so why not all plan to wear dresses together?! I would say that overall, a dress is okay as long as it's cute, easy, and casual.

    Hope I've helped girllll!

    Claire :)(L)

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    Most people in middle school wore shirts they made with their friends.... They like cut them and custumize them then they wear shorts and sneakers

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    Yeah of course you should wear a dress.

    You will look fine! I'm sure. You probably

    look good in anything!

    Hope you have fun! Good luck

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    Hm, if it's during school, no, if it's after school, the sure, why not.

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