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How to use 'would' in English?

English is my second language (First is Hindi & Marathi) & my vocabulary of English is strong enough to speak fluently, but there are some word which are really confusing me. I am totally unaware of how to use 'would' 'would have' & 'would have been'. What is the difference between would & will? can we use would everywhere instead of will? This obstacle is really hampering my speaking skill & I badly need help to solve this problem.

Please guide me if there is any good teacher or refer me any good site

Thanks in advance for your answer

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    Well, 'would' is the past tense of 'will'. But there's more to it than just that. For instance, if you're asking for something, you might say:

    Would you pass me a pen?


    Will you pass me a pen?

    the question using 'would' is a little more formal and polite, whereas 'will' is a little more informal and direct and you would probably only say it like that if you knew the person fairly well.

    I actually found a site that says something similar, and should help you out a little more.


    I hope that helps!

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    I'm not an English teacher but...

    "Would" gives a sense of possibility or potential. "Will" is more of a certainty. You can use "would" and "would have" in hypothetical situations like, "I would have done much better if I studied"

    You can't substitute them freely because sometimes it is not always a sure thing so you would want to use "would" instead of "will." Also, "would" is used if you are describing something that might take place in the future like, "would you like to go to dinner?"

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    Would is conditional such as "I would go to the movies if I didn't have a test tomorrow"

    "I would have gone to the movies I had known what time it was at"--conditional in the past

    "I would have been worried if he hadn't called me"-- conditional in the past

    Will is more affirmative and is future tense

    "I will call you tomorrow after I get out of class"

    "I will go to college next year"

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    Would you like ice cream?

    I would prefer pizza.

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