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.............Garden tips?

Just got done planting our garden any one have any great tips for bugs, watering etc. The best one I heard this year was if ants are bothering your strawberry plants sprinkle baby powder around them.

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    1) To get rid of diggers such as cats and squirrels: Some people have told me that by spraying a 50/50 solution of lemon juice and water on the soil repels cats. Since the lemon juice is acid you don't want to spray it on your plants. What has worked for me is to lay down chicken wire on any bare soil in the beds and then to cover it with some mulch, just enough to hide it. Cats and squirrels can't dig so they will go elsewhere.

    2) To get rid of scale insects and sooty mold, put liquid Ivory soap in a hose end sprayer and spray affected leaves and stems with the water and soap mixture. Leave on for 15 minutes or so, then rinse with a clear water spray. This removes the protective waxy coating from the insects so they die from dehydration, and removes both the mold and the sugar water excreted by aphids on which the mold grows.

    3) To get rid of spider mites, make one of the following homemade sprays:

    Glue spray: Take 2 quarts of water, mix in 4 ounces of glue (like elmers) and let it stand for 12 hours. Sprayed on infected plants this will glue the mites as it dries and flake off doing no harm to the plant. Do this in the evening, not in the hot sun during the day Clean out sprayer!!!

    Buttermilk Spray: Combine buttermilk, potato flour and water to make a fairly thin mixture. Spray plants to suffocate the mites. This also will not harm plants and you may rinse it off after a few hours if you desire. Another buttermilk recipe uses 2 cups of wheat flour, 1 cup of buttermilk which you mix with 5 gallons of water. Use as above.

    Or purchase Neem Oil from a garden center.

    4) To get rid of thrips, spray the affected plant with a mixture of water and powdered garlic, release green lacewings to prey on them, release predatory nematodes to prey on the larvae in the soil (you can buy them from organic nurseries), release predatory mites that attack the larval and egg stage, spray the plants periodically with water strong enough to knock the pests off the plants, or use a biological poison called avermectin that is fermented from soil dwelling streptomyces organisms that is specific against thrips, mites, and loopers.

    5) Another way to get rid of ants is to mix 1 part boric acid (borax) with 1 part bacon grease and 1 part sugar and place on the ant trails. The ants will eat the mix and carry it back to the colony as well. Boric Acid kills ants but is non toxic to kids, pets etc. The reason you mix both sugar and grease into the mixture is because ants eat eith sweets or fats and this mix gives you both so the ants should be attracted to the bait.

    6) If you interplant basil plants with your tomato plants not only will you have your spaghetti sauce ingredients conveniently located, you are supposed to get a better yields of both. Interplanting marigolds with your vegetables is supposed to help repel nematodes and some other pests. The same is true of many other herbs (the lovely flavors they have are actually chemical defenses against insects and other plant eaters) so combine your herb and vegetable gardens.

    There are oh, so many others. A site with lots of good ideas is Gardening In Harmony With Nature,

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    they will not cross over a line made with chalk! When I find ant hills I feed them with uncooked Grits. What they say happens is the ants collect it all they all eat it but when they drink water it swells inside of them and they die. Apparently they can't digest it or pass it. I haven't seen ants anymore. When I plant a flower or vegetable garden I always liberally sprinkle red hot peeper flakes around it keeps alt of little critters at bay. I also use the hair from my childrens haircuts and sprinkle that around. They don't like the sent of humans so they leave. Good luck and may you have a beautiful garden.

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    to do about ants. What about a slow release gel mixed in with the soil in pots on patio, that helps watering so often but not much use on the garden in general. If garden not too large you could spread pipe with holes in it around, like they do in the greenhouses at garden centres? I don't worry about the whole garden here, just the pots. The rest has to take it chance. Mind you, we probably have far more rain than you do in Wyoming?

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    Yes I do !!!! If your planting Bell Peppers the best advice I can give you is to plant Marigolds (flowers) around them !!! Yes ! This will keep any and all unwanted bugs away and protect your peppers !!! Good Luck !!! (gosh I do so miss having a garden !)

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    Include some insect repelling plants in your garden. These plants really help you to keep all the insects away. The scent of plants such as sage, peppermint, spearmint and pennyroyal will keep them away from other plants.

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    deep slow watering, feed tomato's every 3 weeks with compost or bought tomato fertilizer, water early morning or at dusk, soap and water in a spray bottle will get rid of many pests, prune useless leaves off tomato's every few days don't over do it to your plants!

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    try different ideas with the plant to c what works best

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