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running backs: which player is better?

1. Marshall Faulk vs. Steven Jackson

2. Fred Taylor vs. Maurice Jones-Drew

3. Corey Dillon vs. Rudi Johnson

4. Ahman Green vs. Ryan Grant

5. Tiki Barber vs. Ron Dayne

6. Eddie George vs. Chris Brown

7. Edgerrin James vs. Joe Addai

8. Jamal Lewis vs. Ray Rice

9. Priest Holmes vs. Larry Johnson

10. Curtis Martin vs. Lamont Jordan

11. Shaun Alexander vs. Justin Forsett

12. Jerome Bettis vs. Wille Parker

13. Travis Henry vs. Willis McGahee

14. Terrell Davis vs. Clinton Portis

15. Michael Bennett vs. Onterrio Smith

16. Mike Alstott vs. Nick Goings

17. Michael Pittman vs. Carnell Williams

18. Ricky Williams vs. Ronnie Brown

19. Deuce McAllister vs. Reggie Bush

20. Duce Staley vs. Brian Westbrook

21. Garrison Hearst vs. Kevan Barlow

22. Warrick Dunn vs. TJ Duckett

23. Thomas Jones vs. Cedric Benson

24. Mike Anderson vs. Tatum Bell

25. Charlie Garner vs. Tyrone Wheatley

26. James Stewart vs. Kevin Smith

27. William Green vs. Lee Suggs

28. Emmitt Smith vs. Marcel Shipp

29. Stephen Davis vs. DeShaun Foster

30. Justin Fargas vs. Darren McFadden

31. Moe Williams vs. Mewelde Moore

32. LaDainian Tomlinson vs. Michael Turner

33. Domanick Davis vs. Steve Slaton

34. Trung Canidate vs. Anthony Thomas

35. Correll Buckhalter vs. LeSean McCoy

36. Olandis Gary vs. Reuben Droughns

37. Sammy Morris vs. Chester Taylor

38. Derrick Blaylock vs. Dominic Rhodes

39. Jesse Chatman vs. Travis Minor

40. Clinton Portis vs. Ladell Betts

41. Kevin Jones vs. Jahvid Best

42. Julius Jones vs. Marion Barber

43. Wali Lundy vs. Vernand Morency

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    Faulk, much more than just a runner for the Rams

    Taylor, he's not done yet Pats will use him for a 800 yard season this year

    I'll pass on both, but if I really have to give me Dillion

    Green, hands down

    If it was college, Dayne, gotta go with a Heisman winner, but since I"m thinking pro, Tiki, Danye never brought it to the NFL


    James, but with Payton trowing 4,000 each year, even I could run a draw for 4 yards


    Martian, future hall of famer, 7 straight 1,000 yard seasons


    The Bus, a FB in a HB position

    McGahee, Henry fumbled too much

    Ugh, both useless


    Alstott, same as Bettis, power backs rule

    Williams, no real reason

    Williams, could of been so much more of a player

    Bush, to versatile to let up, can line up in the slot adds so much more to the offense

    Westbrook, with ease

    ...... no clue

    Dunn, clue

    Tatum Bell,

    Wheatley, never got the respect he deserved with the Giants



    Smith, really, this is a question? unless you put him against sanders I'll always take the all time rusher




    The 2nd best LT ever

    Slaton, Davis was such a bust for Houston clue



    ...... no clue

    Morris, if he stays healthy


    Minor, because he doesn't drop passes



    Jones, Barber only good when the D's tired from Jones clue

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    1. Faulk

    2. Jones-Drew

    3. Dillon

    4. Green

    5. Barber

    6. George

    7. James

    8. Rice

    9. Holmes

    10. Martin

    11. Alexander when he played, tie now

    12. Bettis

    13. McGahee

    14. Portis now, Davis when he played

    15. Bennett

    16. Alstott

    17. Williams

    18. Brown

    19. Bush

    20. Westbrook

    21. Hearst

    22. Dunn

    23. Jones

    24. Anderson

    25. Garner

    26. Smith

    27. Suggs

    28. Smith

    29. Davis

    30. McFadden

    31. Moore

    32. Turner now, Tomlinson in his prime

    33. tie

    34. Thomas

    35. McCoy now, tie in Buckhalter's prime

    36. Gary

    37. Taylor

    38. Rhodes

    39. tie

    40. Portis

    41. Best

    42. Barber

    43. unfamiliar with either one

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    2.fred taylor

    3.coey dillion

    4.ahman green

    5.tiki barber

    6.eddie george

    7.edgerin james

    8.jamal lewis

    9.priest holmes

    10.curtis martin

    11.shaun alexander

    12.willie parker

    13.travis henry

    14.terrel davis

    15.michael bennett

    16.mike alstott

    17.carnell williams

    18.ricky williams

    19.reggie bush

    20.duce staley


    22.warrick dunn

    23.thomas jones

    24.mike anderson

    25.charlie garner

    26.kevin smith

    27.lee suggs

    28.emmit smith

    29.stephen davis

    30.darren mcfadden


    32.ladainian tomlinson

    33.domanick davis

    34.anthony thomas

    35.lesean mccoy


    37.chester taylor


    39.travis minor

    40.clinton portis

    41.kevin jones

    42.julius jones

    43.vernard morency

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    This will take way too long to answer, but I see you know your SH!T about football. Good Job!!

    Walter Payton is the man

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    Good golly girl, you know football

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