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Is there any smoking sections at YVR, Vancouver airport?

Some airports still have a sneaky outside patio. I am getting off a domestic flight, and have to get to an international gate. Do I have to leave the building, and go through customs again? Any comments are appreciated. Thanks!

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    Vancouver Int'l removed the smoking rooms a few years back (was the last major airport in Canada to do so). They were well-ventilated glass rooms that to my knowledge nobody was complaining about.

    You will have to go outside of the terminal building to smoke, and that means you will have to go back through security to make your connection.

    All airports in Canada are now completely non-smoking.

    Gibson is incorrect. The smoking lounges were removed awhile back. You will have to exit the secured are and stand outside the terminal to smoke. It pisses me off because I enjoyed having a smoke before boarding, and I never heard one person complain about the rooms.

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    There certainly used to be a smoking lounge in the international level, in the secured area, but I couldn't find it last time I passed through the terminal. If they still have one, they moved it lately because it wasn't where it used to be. The airport website doesn't seem to show it on their maps and it isn't listed anywhere that I can see. If you'll be short of time, you might want to phone the airport information to find out.

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    Vancouver International Airport is a non-smoking airport, but two lounges are located after security checkpoints in both the Domestic and International Terminals. These lounges are sealed off from the public and well ventilated allowing smokers to get a cigarette in before their flight.

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    Yvr Domestic Departures

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    There is no part where you are allowed to smoke.

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