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Why is Saudi Arabia able to build a border barrier along its border w/ Iraq & Yemen but the US is not?

US-Mexico Border

1,969 miles

The border's total length is 3,169 km (1,969 miles), according to figures given by the International Boundary and Water Commission.

Saudi Arabia

550 + 1100= 1650 miles already built

US-Mexico Border (1,969) not built

Saudi Arabia-Iraq Border


Fence system already built

Saudi-Yemen border

1, 100 miles ALREADY BUILT

he Saudi–Yemen barrier is a physical barrier constructed by Saudi Arabia along part of its 1,800 kilometer (1,100 mile) border with Yemen. It consists of a network of sandbags and pipelines, three metres (10 ft) high, filled with concrete [1] and fitted with electronic detection equipment.[2

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    Forget Saudi Arabia, why is it Xenophobic and Racist for the US to want to build a wall on the border with Mexico, but it is okay for Mexico to build a wall on the border of Guatemala for the same reasons?

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    The Saudi government wants a fence.

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    The US can, it simply doesn't want to.

    Trying to be more like Saudi Arabia is not a good thing.

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    The Saudi's have more American dollars to spend than we do.

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    The wall can be built. It just doesn't work.

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    They have no national debt.

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