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Anonymous asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

Travelling to Minnesota (international) with a dog!!?


me and my family are maybe going to minnesota for at least a year. my mom just has to find a job and she's so busy finding an apartment and a home for us she left me in charge of another problem. our dog Candy. she is about the size of a border collie, maybe just a little bit bigger (she's a mix).

We live in Graz, Austria. Is it possible for her to come with us?? i have heard some airlines take dogs as cargo. Whom do i call, what do i need to do?? i just need to give my mom the phone numbers and she'll take care of that. and the main question is, will she have to stay at the airport or at some place in the US?? if yes for how long?? can we avoid that? and what kinds of vaccinations should she get? she's been vaccinated before.

how big is the kennel, where do we buy it and how much will it alltogether cost??

i really need your help!!1

thanks in advance!!


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  • Jessie
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    1 decade ago
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    Here are the CDC (Center for Disease Control) regulations for importing a dog to the United States. You will also need to check whether Minnesota has any additional requirements. You can try calling the Minnesota Department of Public Health or Department of Agriculture to check that, as it usually falls under one of those two departments.

    Your airline should be able to give you the most accurate advice as they all have slightly different requirements for shipping live animals.

    Regarding vaccinations: the big one here in the USA is for Rabies, administered at least 30 days prior to your flight.

    The US does not quarantine dogs unless they either appear to be ill or are not traveling with a valid rabies certification (unless they have been living in a rabies-free country for the previous 6 months, in which case that requirement may be waived).

    The kennel (which we usually call a 'crate' in the US) needs to be a hard plastic, airline approved crate. Usually it's just big enough for the dog to stand without touching the top or sides and to turn around and lie down in. You'll also need absorbent bedding for it and the little bowls that attach to the crate door. The cost for these varies: my dog is about the same size as yours and I think I spent around $100 US. Mine is made by Vari-Kennel and I think I bought it online. The airlines will also sell them, usually at a steep markup though. Dog shows will sell them as will many pet supply stores, both brick and mortar and online.

    Your best bet really is to call the airlines though to get complete information, and possibly the Minnesota agencies I mentioned above.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    YES,all airlines ship live animals=CALL them.

    The US does *NOT* have a quarantine!

    You MUST have a health cert,approved crate,,2 coop cups,absorbent bedding....MONEY!

    CALL airlines,talk to the PROS!

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