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Situation Question

I will now change the question that I have deleted last time into English,

If you have watched the America's Funniest Home Videos last Saturday evening, you can use your past knowledge to answer this question, the question is:

What will you do if a penguin pulled some nasty things to a bride?(If you don't know how to answer in English, you can answer in Chinese.)


I don't know how '便便'的English, So that I will change the words to 'nasty things' instead.

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  • 10 years ago
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    便便 - Poo

    I will be shocked. I will wonder how can a penguin be so rude to the bride. As the bride is having her wedding, the guests and other people should repect her, people should not do anything to make her unhappy. However, I think that if i am with the bride, I will scold the penguin and beat him.

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