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Im 16 and i need to know my rights in the state of iowa.?

i need some one that is very knowledgeable in controlled substances that i could maybe contact via e-mail so i can know my rights in the state of iowa.

i was smoking weed with some friends in my friends truck. the cop showed up and talked to the driver, the driver knew there was drugs but still let the cop search the truck. i stashed the weed but he found it. we all chipped in money to get the weed, but i was the one to make the buy. the cop asked whos it was and i said it was mine, but i had no parent or lawyer with me while he was asking me questions this was by his cop car, but still...isnt that illegal for him to do that? he had brought up my family history bc he's delt with my mom before about alcohol. and my family is saying that i could get out of the charge bc he brought up my family history. so at the end of it i was the only one to get charged and he wrote my mom a ticket and said we would have to go to court. btw im 16 and live in a small town in the state of iowa.

plus the cop never read me my rights so therefore i was not aware of them so doesnt that mean he cant use anything i said in court, but i was not arrested just taken home.

i thank anyone that can give me help full information about this topic. and i know what i did was wrong and im for sure never going to smoke again.

also i wanted to join the air force. i asked the cop if it would affect me going into the military and he asked someone over the radio about it. they were talking in code and stuff so i couldn't understand.

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    Everything the officer did was legal, what you did was Illegal by your own admission, the officer does not need to read you your rights in an investigative stop, The Officer can ask you anything about your family they want to and it will be a problem getting into the Air Force, When You go to court ask the prosecutor for a reduced charge and a deferred sentence, take responsibility for your mistake instead of trying to blame everyone else. With a deferred sentence when you complete any sentence the judge orders it will be as though it never happened and will not interfere with joining the Military. If the judge gives you probation and you get caught while you are on probation your chances will be virtually over for air force or any leniency.

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    First of all you do not need to be read your rights until you are handcuffed and in an interrogation room and not even then if you agree to talk without a lawyer. When you are not free to leave and before they start asking questions they have to read you your rights. The law does not work the way T.V. portrays it. The stupidest thing you can do is talk to the police. They can legally lie to you to get you to tell the truth. Do not say another word until you have spoken to an attorney. The BIGGEST MISTAKE PEOPLE MAKE IS TALKING TO THE POLICE WITH OUT AN ATTORNEY. If you were not arrested but taken home and given a ticket you will get a fine,unless you have priors. A cop can ask you anything he wants when ever he wants. The thing to remember is do not answer him. It sounds to me like they are trying to scare you. Take this as your warning and quit doing dumb stuff.

    What is the charge number on the ticket? If I knew what that was I could tell you exactly what is going to happen to you. If you ever watch the first 48 the people who walk out of the police station are the people who do not talk to the cops. Period. Almost everyone who is arrested are dumb shits and they blab their mouths off and incriminate themselves. You have the right to not incriminate yourself its called taking the fifth. Do not think that the cops will go easy on you because you talked to them. All they are trying to do is make their case stick. Like I said they can make up evidence and flat out lie to you to get you to confess. The police are trained on how to make a person talk that's why you need an attorney if you have been arrested. Do not ever talk to the police another reason why is because if you do get an attorney then it makes it that much more difficult for the attorney to defend you after you have talked to the cops. It is up to a judge weather or not to allow Evidence in to a trial or not, yes we do have FRE but it is basically up to the judge in the case.

    Your not that far yet. When you go to court they will either fine you or set a date for an arraignment, they will either set bail or not if they set bail ask to be released O.R. Talk to an attorney like I said I do not know what the charge is I would need the number off of the ticket.

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    regrettably it is termed lack of wisdom of the regulation isn't any excuse. If I knew then what i understand now, then i might have by no capability of gotten in plenty difficulty with the regulation if I knew my rights. while he replaced into asking you questions you had each and every precise to not answer them yet you probably did. Atleast you're sufficiently super to admit guilt an assume responsibilty. regularly joing the armed forces with a criminal checklist ( if very small ) can unquestionably assist you. although you cant connect till your 18, or be 18 by capability of the time you comprehensive common education nevertheless flow talk to a recruiter and get the suggestion wherein your require dealing with this actual situation. better of luck.

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