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Why is it so difficult to fight DHS when they do very unethical actions?

Many horror stories regarding DHS and CPS. They are allowed to break laws and lie and no one will demand they take responsibility for their actions? 37 children have died in foster care in the last three years in the state of CO and most of these were caused by bad decisions made by DHS. No one makes them accountable. I am afraid that the number will continue to increase. Is anyone willing to publicly demand responsibility for their actions?

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    The DHS, CPS, ACP, whatever they call it in a state, has the full backing of the government and will never be held accountable for what they do. We had a case here in Oklahoma where the DHS visited the home of a family over a dozen times in less than 2 years. On each visit they found clear signs of abuse. The children were dirty, wearing old rags for clothes, malnourished, not attending school, had large bruises, and broken bones and there were signs of sexual abuse. For God's sake one of the children was forced to sleep in a dog house with the dog!!! And the children were left in the home. Then one day the oldest boy goes missing and the police find his dead body in the bottom of a chest type freezer in the families front yard. The parents were arrested, convicted of murder and sent to prison.

    There was a huge cry against the DHS so they conducted an investigation. Yes, they were allowed to investigate themselves. And their investigation found no wrong doing. Since they had carefully documented all the abuse and their records were up to date they were not liable for anything that happened.

    In another case the DHS took a 5 year old from her mother when she was admitted to the hospital with broken bones and bruises. While the child was still in a cast the DHS returned her to her mom. Seems the mom had completed a child care course taught by the DHS and was eligible to get her kid back. A few months later the child was murdered, beaten to death by her mother, and the DHS again investigated itself and found no wrong doing.

    Almost every year the DHS hires some registered sex offender to be a foster parent and when the child is raped or molested the DHS investigation finds no wrong doing.

    I have lived here my whole life and not once have criminal charges been brought against the DHS and every time a civil lawsuit is filed the courts reject it because the DHS is acting under something called "Color of law" and therefore is immune from lawsuits.

    This is what you get when the government is in charge.

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    I fight for the rights of foster children everyday and it gets no where sadly! I was one of those kids they screwed up with multiple times and at 20 years old I tried to sue and was told that since I was only 2 weeks from turning 21 I couldn't. They set an age limit on how long you had to sue once leaving the system. The more people who speak up the more it will get out there. That is pretty much the only hope.

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    File a suit if you are an injured party. Or simply educate those that go in and out of the DHS buildings.

    The problem with administrative agencies, is they act as rule maker, enforcer, and judge.

    Ironically, the courts that we know are essentially moving in that same administrative direction. It is up to Citizens who refuse to tolerate the tyranny.

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    THey are held accountable. Go case by case and look into specific workers. Dont generalize If you are so afraid star looking into those cases and find out the truth.

  • 1 decade ago and a few politicians are

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