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Im 16 and i need to know my rights in the state of iowa.?

i need some one that is very knowledgeable in controlled substances that i could contact via e-mail so i can know my rights in the state of iowa.

i was smoking weed with some friends in my friends truck. the cop showed up and talked to the driver, the driver knew there was drugs but still let the cop search the truck. i stashed the weed but he found it. we all chipped in money to get the weed, but i was the one to make the buy. the cop asked whos it was and i said it was mine, but i had no parent or lawyer with me while he was asking me questions this was by his cop car, but still...isnt that illegal for him to do that? he had brought up my family history bc he's delt with my mom before about alcohol. and my family is saying that i could get out of the charge bc he brought up my family history. so at the end of it i was the only one to get charged and he wrote my mom a ticket and said we would have to go to court. btw im 16 and live in a small town in the state of iowa.

i thank anyone that can give me help full information about this topic. and i know what i did was wrong and im for sure never going to smoke again.


also i wanted to join the air force. i asked the cop if it would affect me going into the military and he asked someone over the radio about it. they were talking in code and stuff so i couldn't understand.

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    Rights!! why do you keep banging on about Rights!!, You broke the law so you have forfeited any rights that you may have had. All too often people like you confuse "rights" with "privileges". You have no right to break the laws of our country when you are privileged to live here. You set out to break the law and now you will have to pay the penalty. Nothing the policeman did was illegal, so dont think that is a defence, because it is not. You want to play, then you have to pay. In this instance you lost

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    Unfortunately this is called ignorance of the law is no excuse. If I knew then what I know now, then I would have never of gotten in so much trouble with the law if I knew my rights. When he was asking you questions you had every right to not answer them but you did. Atleast you are big enough to admit guilt an assume responsibilty.

    Usually joing the military with a criminal record ( if very small ) can actually help you. Though you cant join until your 18, or be 18 by the time you complete basic training still go speak to a recruiter and get the information in which your require dealing with this particular issue.

    Best of luck.

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