Anyone ever use "Name Your Own Price" for AIRLINE tickets?

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My family of 5 is traveling across country in January and are trying to find the cheapest way to get there via airplane. I just found out that Priceline does the Name Your Own Price more
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My friend swears by it. I'm too chicken, like predictability, and so am willing to pay the extra couple bucks, so I "pick & choose."



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  • Bernie Made Off answered 4 years ago
    Name your own price is tricky. You actually can name your own price and it can be any price you want. Your only going to be able to get reasonable prices accepted, but if you do this and then find a cheaper airline ticket somewhere else, it becomes very hard to cancel that priceline bid because they automatically buy that ticket .
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  • Robby answered 4 years ago
    No, I ain't never used 'em.
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