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Will this bundle be around through Christmas?

Does anyone working at Best Buy, or anywhere for that matter, know if this PS3 move bundle will be around for long? Should I wait till Black Friday or will it no longer be on special? If i wait i may end up paying more, so any advice would be more than helpful.

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    If you want you can check this bundle in Amazon.

    Best Selling PS3 Console Set:

    Check the 320gb Move Bundle

    Features and Design

    • Great value for your buck

    • Reliable hardware

    • New eject and power buttons.

    • It comes with a variety of different hard drive sizes (120GB, 160GB, 320GB)

    • Blu-ray player.

    • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

    • Two USB ports for accessories.

    • 1080p HDMI output.

    • Supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio for output to compatible receivers.

    • It uses at least 10 percent less electricity at peak consumption.

    • Free Online Play – No need to pay premium to play online

    Top 5 MUST have games right now in PS3

    • FIFA Soccer 11

    • Madden NFL 11

    • Final Fantasy XIII

    • Heavy Rain

    • Dead Rising 2

    PlayStation 3 is not only a video game console, but also designed to be a digital entertainment device or home-entertainment computer. It features in its special CPU called the Cell Processor, which can be updated for different performance needs! Besides, it incoporates marvelous memory capabilities which enable you to play games and watch movies at the same time. With PS3, you may enjoy a luxurious visual-dinner for its support of high-definition. Another benefit is that does not require to pay "double fees" to play online games and download videos.

    What else can the PS3 do? Can Upgrade your hard drive and Import games from other countries.

    Here is a very good comment from an actual player of PS3:

    Latest bestselling game list of PS3:

    If you still want the XBox 360, you can find it at a good price here:

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    Well this bundle just got out a few days/weeks ago to promote the new ps3 move and I don't really think a lot of people would be buying it unless they don't have a ps3 of course cause there's another bundle for people that already have a ps3

    So I guess this bundle will be around for a while and might get a little bit cheaper if sales go low for it

    I my gf works at my local gamestop and she says they haven't sell too much of them cause most people buy the bundle that has only the move and the game since most of buyers already have a ps3

    Hope this is of any info for you

    Source(s): I personally would buy this till Sony comes out with some cooler games for it
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