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Is it illegal in the state of maryland for...?

For a 17 year old to date a 24 year old

not morally wrong, but illegal

(if no sex is involved)

How can you prove there would be no sexual contact..

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    The law only covers sexual contact, not dating. Hugging and kissing are perfectly legal for anybody because of course parents kiss their kids goodnight etc.

    The age of consent to sexual acts (note: any sexual act, not just sex) is 16 in Maryland. That means when you are 16 and over, you have the right to be with anyone you want even if their 80 years old, with two exceptions:

    1. If they occupy a position of authority over you (in which case you must be 18).

    2. If the nature of the relationship is prostitution.

    While a moot point because you are over the age of consent, know that the burden of proof is with the state to prove you had sex, not the other way around. If two people both say they did not have any sexual contact, and there is no pregnancy or witnesses to their having sex, the state cannot prosecute because there is no proof. At most, if their are e-mail records the older person could get solicitation of a minor, but that only matters if they are under 16 or a prostitute under 18.

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