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How can you consistently make money doing sports betting?

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    For one, you have to be good at picking or have a good handicapper. You want to at least win 55% of the time. Not as easy and it sounds. Second is bankroll mgmt. Too many bet more than they should on what they feel strongly about and lose. Or they go on a losing streak and try to double up to make up for the losses or just bet too much.

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    There is no short and easy answer to that question...but if there was, then Toni's is just about as close as you'll get. Books have been written about your question and they probably don't even begin to cover it all. In it's simplest form, sports betting comes down to hard work and discipline...whether you're handicapping the games yourself or following a handicapper. It's no easy task and if you want to "consistently" make money, then it's probably a full time job.

    I know most people think there's some kind of top secret formula, but there isn't. The variance involved with sports betting is much greater than simply investing in the stock market...think more like futures and commodities. Even if you are a "consistent" winner, the downswings you experience will more than test you patience. I would recommend going to the library and reading a few books first and then doing some homework on the internet. Try to learn as much as you can and create a strategy before blindly just betting games. Good luck.

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    Toni put it about as simple and as perfect as you can get. It's worth repeating:

    "By picking value, value is when you think the odds are wrong in your favor."

    Only 1% of people who bet on sports do so profitably. This is EXACTLY what these people are looking for. They study the players, the statistics, the conditions, the teams, and ESPECIALLY the lines.

    Think about this - let's say someone was SO perfect at sports handicapping that they were extremely confident that Team X would beat Team Y by 3 points. Well if the line says -3 for Team X, then they should NOT place a bet on that game! If they find a line that says -4 for Team X, then they should place a bet on Team Y. If they find a line that says -2 for Team X, then they should bet on Team X.

    The most important point I'd like to leave you with is that "1%" I mentioned. Odds are that you are NOT one of these people. Most likely if you continue to bet, you will lose in the long run.

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    Don't choose the obvious paths like everyone else. Diversify your sports betting streams of income and you'll be successful. Betting and profiting on sports in and of itself is a very difficult way to earn very easy money. spread your services around.

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    There is really only one way and that is being disciplined and following a handicappers set of rules. Try the ones below or if you need help there are a couple of really good sports consultants.

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    Gather info first, then bet the team that you think it will definitely win. You only have two choices to take, it's either to bet base on your insticts or bet base on the insticts of other who are knowledgeable in it.

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    By consistently picking winners obviously. You can do it yourself but it requires a lot of time and effort for most people who are successful at sportsbetting. Your other option is to pay someone for their "professional" sports picks.

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