Is there really a difference from Arco Premium gas vs (Shell, Chevron, 76, etc) premium gas?)?

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  • Paul
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    9 years ago
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    Not really.

    Gasoline is gasoline. The only difference between brands may be certain additives the company may put in their fuels, like detergents, etc.

    91 octane from Arco is going to burn exactly the same as 91 octane from any other supplier.

    As far as Sean saying I have no idea about fuels, well no, I've never worked in a refinery, but I know how it is distilled and every refinery uses the same basic method to extract gasoline from crude oil. If individual brands of gasoline were all that special and different, then each refinery would have its own cross country pipeline system. THEY DON'T. The gas labeled Shell flows through the same pipelines as all the rest and those same pipelines transfer diesel, jet fuel and other distillates.

    Gas IS gas and I defy anyone to actually tell the difference in performance of their engine from one brand to the next.

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  • 9 years ago

    Paul has no idea about fuel. Stations like Arco, Citgo, etc. use effectively a lower grade of fuel. It isn't refined as much, so the octane rating just barely meets the minimum requirements to be given a specific label (IE 91 octane). It's also not filtered as much, so there can be more debris in it. As for additives, there aren't many additives in gas. Companies like Shell, Amoco, Chevron, etc. spend more time getting rid of the poor chains of hydrocarbons to have a more pure fuel, which is why they cost more. Also, if you have a nose for fuel, smell the gas from, say, a Shell station, and compare it to the smell of gas from a 7-11. The 7-11 gas will smell like it has gone bad, while the Shell will smell more pure.

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