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Is 13 a good age to start wearing a thong?

okay so i 13 and i wanna wear a thong. i dont wanna wear it to show off the guys or anything i just wanna wear it so ttht i dont have panty lines. i also have to wear dress code and the pants i wear are really tight and you can see my whole underware and it is embarrising. i am also not that close to my mom so it dont like to talk to her about that stufff so i am DEF not gonna talk to get about it so i am gonna email her..

here is what i am gonna sayy? tell me if i should change anything and if your a mom what would u say and I am a good girl just dont want panty lines.

heyyy okay so i am 13 nwow and i was wondering if i could just maybe start wearing a thong?or maybe not even a thong maybe this thing called cheaky from victoria seceret. i dont wanna show off to guys i just hate panty lines and i really want something tht i can wear when i wear a dress or tight pants like some of my school dress code pants u can see my underware line and it is really embarrsing. i dont wanna show off to guys, i promise. i hope you understand? this is the kind i wanna wear nothing BIG. if u say no i understand but u have to hear my point. the reason y i didnt tell u this because if you said no it wuld be embarrising so i just wanted to email u and i was wondering on day of school u could just go out and get me some . PLEAse. some of my friends wear thongs 2 so it wont be weird either just u have to understand maybe u felt the same way when you were my age idk? dont talk to me about it either bec it is embarrising!

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    Alright, Im a guy, pretty clearly, but I have a lot of girl friends, Im a sophomore, and a lot of them started wearing them around your age. They are a lot more attractive, especially when they get rid of panty lines. honestly, most of the girls in my grade wear them, and a lot of them say they're more comfortable too. You don't have to buy like super sexy thongs, just buy (i wouldn't know) those like regular everyday stuff. They definitely make you a lot hotter, and they might be more comfortable for you. I would highly suggest trying them, and if you like them, buy some.

    Source(s): My girlfriends.
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    no, I'm 43 and still waiting to be old enough to wear one.I would go with the cheeky panty before the thong and you don't have to be like all your friends. being different is a wonderful and attractive thing. Panty lines are embarrassing so I can see your point and I'm sure your mom can understand that. You should not be showing your panty lines regardless of what you're wearing. But a thong at 13 screams sleazy. I think she'll be more open to the cheeky or possibly boy shorts. You say you are not close with her well now is the time to have some get to know you time and go panty shopping and get her advise. also in your e-mail ask for her advise as to not have the panty lines.It'll go over better.for the record I wouldn't let my 13 year old wear a thong but the others yes.Oh and don't forget if your getting special undies don't forget the matching bra. Does so much for your confidence

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    As far as you sending your mom an Email and think it is embarrassing it should not be any more than posting so who knows how many can read it.Granted nobody knows you or can see you here. But by talking to your mom in person could bring the two of you a little closer as women. A better understanding of mother and daughter. Later if life you will wish you had spoke with her and mostly when you have girls of your own they will some day feel the same as you do today.

    They do make panties with out lines you might want to try them before going with the thong.

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    It's not about age necessarily..if you feel like you are ready to wear them, go ahead! I would mention it to your mom by asking her to go shopping, and just happen to go in victorias secret and just pick out thongs. If your moms says anything and disagrees with your decision, you can always get their underwear that is seamless, so it leaves no lines in your pants. They are from the PINK collection also, so they are just as cute :) Good luck, and hopefully your mom wont think it's a big deal and will go with it!

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    13 isn't too young. As long as you're wearing them for the right reasons, as you say you are, and not to show off, then there's nothing wrong with it. They're a lot more comfy than regular underwear. Your mom should be fine with it, but I'd recommend spelling the words out in full when you email her, because spelling like that makes you seem too immature to wear thongs,and she might not understand what things like idk stand for.

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    I'm changing my answer

    I don't think it's bad. They're just underwear. As long as you don't act slutty or have them showing out of your pants. It's better than VPL. To all the people who said that they're trashy or whatever, yeah it is to have them showing and some people who wear them are but as long as you are a clean person and use them to make your underwear more discreet (the original way they were supposed to be used) then it's fine.

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    truthfully some of my friends starting wearing things at 12! I thought it was stupid and slutty and i still do. Dude, it's like tooth floss for your butt. and think of the wedgies! i shudder just thinking bout. BUT in your situation i guess it would be OK if your parents approve. panty lines are a B**** but picking your wedgies out won't be that flattering either. Hun, its up to you! :)

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    Sorry, but it's too young.

    And when I was your age, I most definitely didn't worry about panty lines. Didn't even think of them until I was 16.

    Also, don't arrange with someone online to do something for you in real life, that's just plain dangerous and unbelievably stupid.

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    A lot of excellent answers here

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    what ever floats your boat. Just make sure it doesn't hang out of your pants it looks tacky

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