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- asked in TravelAfrica & Middle EastMorocco · 1 decade ago

What is the main cause of traffic accidents in Morocco?

I've read speeding, bad roads, and so on. Could the reason so many people die in city-to-city bus accidents be that the buses are poorly maintained?


I also forgot to mention animals crossing in front of traffic. A town-to-town taxi that I was riding in a couple of years ago hit a dog that just trotted out into the road, we were going at least 40 mph. Less than a week later another blad-dog-running-with-a-chicken-in-his-mouth ran right in front of our car and we nearly hit him.

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    Hey Patti,

    Happy Fall and Congrats on an excellent start of season for the Sooners, especially the recent victory over Texas. (That is if you care about football).

    Ok. So this is my opinion. The reasons are two folds.

    Systemic: (that Morocco shares with all third world countries)

    Bad and/or narrow roads, animals crossing, presence of carts pulled by animals, awkward intersections and roundabouts and sometimes terrible planning of roads by the cities and highway authorities, the presence of two many motorcycles that the road infrastructure can not handle (ex: Marrakesh)

    Human: (This is the real reason of the problem)

    Animals driving cars (not kidding), complete disregard for the law, running red lights on a regular basis, driving/riding the wrong way, drivers not grasping the concept of staying in your lane, pedestrians crossing anywhere/anytime not even looking left and right before crossing and other bizarre behaviors like parking in the middle of the road to unload passengers, ....etc.

    Recently (Oct 1st, 2010) Morocco enacted a series of serious laws to curb these behaviors (high fines and a point system for driver's licenses). That is all good but serious laws were already on the books all these years. It is in the enforcement where problems lie. Corruption allows the motorist to circumvent all laws and impunity becomes the norm therefore the citizen doesn't take officers and the law seriously because there is always a way out.

    Now to the real and tragic reason for all this is the Moroccan psyche. The Moroccan person possesses a vast stock of selfishness, shamelessness and chaos in his/her mind because that is the way he/she was raised and bred. (parents + society).

    The Moroccan refuses to yield to other Moroccans, stand in line, wait his turn, obey the law, be civil, simply because he has no respect for his fellow citizens. He needs to get ahead (in line, at a red light, at work, at school, ...). If that means, he's going to break the rules or step on others, so be it. It is how people are in Morocco whether we like it or not.

    The only way out of this is harsh treatment and severe consequences combined with serious enforcement. No TV/Radio campaigns will work. The Moroccan only understands concrete measures that actually touch him directly.

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    There is one road in the north that by statistics has seen the most deaths by traffic accident. It is because the road is narrow, winding and the drivers go too fast.

    Frankly Moroccans are horrible drivers who ignore any rules of the road. I find bus drivers, city to city, the worst with no respect for the other vehicles or lives on the road.

    I see it here daily.

    Edit: Adam Eve....for real have you been to Morocco? There are are few 'main roads' and that's it. To get to MOST places the roads are not large, wide or 'main'. Just 5 months ago an auto route was finally finished to Agadir after decades of a road that was a lane and a half wide. Driving a different route is simply not always an option.

  • 1 decade ago

    Try to use highways, and main big roads and you should be safe.

  • 1 decade ago

    same as any other country.... bad driving

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You mean Camel accident's LOL HAHAHAHAHA

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