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Best way to travel from Germany to London?

My son will be on a college trip to Europe this summer ending in Frankfurt, Germany. We want to go to London around the same time. What is the best way to get my son from Frankfurt to London?

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    From Germany to London is quite a long way, and I of course don't know how much time you have. With the plane is fastest. But he can also travel with train or bus to France, Belgium or Holland, and after go with the boat to England. Just I guess this may take a day or longer.

    The best way for me is still to go with the plane, but it is not a trip to make like for one day fly there and other day come back. That would be a good way if he would be in Germany for a longer time.

    Sorry for my english.

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    If your son does not want fly by plane) then he should take train from Frankfurt to Brussels then catch the Euro Star to London that is an option.

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    train :) it would be a good experience for him! :D

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