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A Book Where the Main Character is a Guy?

Preferably a young (teenage) guy. No oldies. I've read a lot of books with girl protagonists and the outlook is usually the same so I think that a guy as the protagonist would change it up a bit.Like Artemis Fowl or Impulse.

Thank You~! ^^

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    Brennan, Sarah Rees. Demon's Lexicon.

    Sixteen-year-old Nick and his older brother Alan are always on the run. Now, Alan has been marked by a demon and to save him, the boys must become the hunters

    Hernandez, David. No More Us for You.

    Carlos has a cheating girlfriend, a mystery man urinating on the floor at work, and a friend in a coma. Can Isabel—still grieving her dead boyfriend—help him cope?

    Madigan, L.K. Flash Burnout. .

    Blake Hewson discovers there’s a big difference between lust and love, a tough lesson of a fifteen-year-old involved with a girlfriend and another girl as a friend.

    Magoon, Kekla. The Rock and the River.

    In 1968 Chicago, Sam struggles to decide whether to support his father's nonviolent approach to civil rights or his brother, who has joined the Black Panther Party.

    Northrop, Michael. Gentlemen.

    After one of four rough cut high school guys disappears, his friends become suspicious of their teacher Mr. Haberman, who refers to them as gentlemen while teaching Crime and Punishment.

    Oaks, J. Adams. Why I Fight.

    For five years, Wyatt travels the country with his drifter Uncle Spade, first as a companion, then as a money-making bare-fisted fighter, until realizing Spade doesn't exactly have Wyatt's best interests at heart.

    Anderson, Laurie Halse. Twisted.

    Tyler begins his senior year transformed on the outside, going from geeky video gamer to buff hottie, but he still struggles internally with problems at home.

    Hornby, Nick. Slam.

    Stunned by his girlfriend’s pregnancy, Sam seeks direction from his (possibly) imagined conversations with skater idol Tony Hawk.

    Olmstead, Robert. Coal Black Horse.

    Carried by a mysterious horse, 14-year-old Robey Childs journeys to find his father in the grisly aftermath of the Battle of Gettysburg

    Johnson, Angela. The First Part Last.

    The story of Bobby Morris, a teenage father first introduced in Johnson’s Heaven, is told by filling in the “now” and “then” of his life in New York City raising his daughter, Feather

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    I really love the books in the Ender's Game Series and the Ender's Shadow Series (a spin off). The main character is aguy in all of them1 People get confused on the order so I'll give them to you.

    Ender's Game Series:

    1. Ender's Game

    1.5. Ender in Exile

    2. Speaker for the Dead

    3. Xenocide

    4. Children of the Mind

    Ender's Shadow Series

    1. Ender's Shadow

    2. Shadow of the Hegemon

    3. Shadow Puppets

    4. Shadow of the Giant

    Hope you read them!!!

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    There is an absolutely fantastic book wherein the main character is a typical teenage skater-boy, who learns that he is a prophet of death (he can predict people's deaths). It is not a fantas

    y book, it's enetirely modern and realistic. One of the most beautiful books I have ever read, and I have read A LOT of books. It's called "Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet" by Joanne Proulx. It's more of an adult themed book, so it would not be in the young adult section of your library. I highly recomend it, it's brilliant and beautiful. I garuntee you'll love it. Here's a link to the book site:

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    With my eyes full of noshed tears I watch family and strangers walk up to my mother to shake her hand. They whisper something in her ear and hug her tight before disappearing through the door and into the dark house I call home. I can recognise a few figures that try to make my mother feel better.

    Uncle Jeff with his wife hand in hand walking up the porch and hugging my mother in a secure embrace. I see their two children running around the front yard looking curious at all the people that are dresses in black. Uncle Jeff's wife calls the kids and they open the front door and step in.

    "Faith?" I hear a faint voice call from behind, I don't turn around I just stand there in the cold air looking at the ground. "Have a little faith." The faint voice says not knowing how cliche that sounds, considering my name is Faith. I let the person pass me by as a tear slips down my cheek. I can feel the winter air brushing softly against my now moist cheek, and it stings but I don't complain.

    I can see my fathers parents and his brother get out of the car that they have arrived in. My grandmothers face swollen from all the crying she did. The men however look like they are taking everything in fine but in their eyes I see hurt and loss. They make their way slowly up to my mother who is being hugged by a stranger that I don't know. My grandmother catches my eye and I let another tear slip down. She whispers something in her husbands ear before turning away from them and walking up to me.

    Grandmother was the closest person to me. She was the one that I would go to when I needed to talk about something. She had always been the one to keep all my secrets.

    "How are you feeling dear?" Her voice sweet and tender asks me.

    I just nod my head and she looks like she understands. I can feel her warm hand take mine as she strokes my brown hair with her free hand.

    I don't want to cry in front of her. I want to be strong so she can see that I will be there for her, but I can't. I can't stop crying because it's impossible not to.

    And it makes me want to scream knowing that my father has died and I will never get to see him ever again.

    "Let's go inside love." My grandmother says still holding my hand and leading me to the house.

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