Lauren Conrad and Vanessa Hudgens dress.?

Anyone know where or what store I can find dresses like these????

Lauren Conrad dress:

Vanessa Hudgens dress:

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  • 9 years ago
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    I would try a DEB shop...Lauren's dress looks more custom probably can't get something exactly like it...

  • 3 years ago

    i'd say, the two 4 or 6. the reason? they are the two famous and easy - which makes them so beautiful and perfect. image one million. does not compliment her epidermis tone in any respect, isn't perfect for her, and the neckline seems sloppy. image 2. dazzling installation and charm, in spite of the shown fact that the print? no longer plenty. image 3. can no longer see it completely, however the print seems greater like an off-the-cuff sweater than a gown. image 4. trouble-free, super length, like it. image 5. unfashionable print, like it yet ought to look very incorrect on some human beings. image 6. dazzling - the colour, type, bow, textile, each and every thing. image 7. This outfit does not even DESERVE a remark, that's that undesirable. image 8. i individually do like this one, the colorations are spectacular and the black trim provides to the conventional to-die-for result haha, I purely think of it particularly is somewhat TOO short. image 9. No, No, NO.

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