Department of Offense?

This sounds stupid i know.. but is there a department of offense in the united states?? one who conducts offensive operations such as covert missions?

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    The CIA has conducted covert missions in the past such as the 1953 coup that overthrew the democratically elected government of Iran and installed the Shah; the Bay of Pigs attempt to overthrow Castro; the 1963 Coup in South Vietnam that deposed President Diem; the CIA role in helping the Baath Party including Saddam Hussein to power in 1963 and then aiding Iraq in the Iran Iraq War; the role in deposing democratically elected Marxist President Allende in Chile(1973); the Iran Contra Affair in the 1980's etc. There used to be a War Department and the Secretary of War was in charge of the Army. There was also a Secretary of the Navy. In 1947, the Air Force split off from the Army and all were placed under the National Military Establishment renamed the Department of Defense In 1949. The Department of Defense is headed by the Secretary of the Defense, a Cabinet level post. The Secretary of the Army is in charge of the Dept of the Army; Secretary of the Air Force in charge of the Dept of the Air Force; Secretary of the Navy in charge of the Dept of the Navy; all under the Department of Defense.

    The change of name away from Dept of War was largely a euphemism:

    The name-shift from "Department of War" to "Department of Defense" has been seen as an acceptance of Carl von Clausewitz's second maxim from his famous work On War. Clausewitz states: "The aggressor always pretends to be peace-loving because he would like to achieve his conquests without bloodshed . . . Therefore, aggression must be presented as a defensive reaction by the aggressor nation."[3] Hugh Nibley comments: "Nobody ever attacks. You're always just on the defensive. After World War I, the German War Office, Kriegsamt, changed its name to Wehrmacht, "defense power." We changed our War Office to the Department of Defense. We're just defensive now, that's all. Both sides must take the defensive position, whether they are aggressors or not."

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    The Department of Defense is the head of all military operations, covert and not.

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