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Victory in November! Did you see the puny size of the crowd in DC this weekend? With Obama's urging and 400 union and other organizations trying to put on a showing of humanity only came up with about half of what little old Glenn Beck did all on his own. I see no enthusiasm for the Dems socialist agenda and take over of the country. Your thoughts?


Matt W, disagree.... all the welfare lifestyle folk are usually obese from all the free munchies they get at the supermarket- paid for by me and other taxpayers.

Update 2:

Jay, with all undue respect, you are deranged.

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  • Rick
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    Yes - Considering the majority were bussed in by thousands of buses and many given Free T shirts with Free Lunches:

    Most were probably Welfare recipients that came for the free bees. View these videos - warning- it might make you sick with the disrespect they showed. A true HATE Rally.

    A New Low… One Nation Rally Attendees Trash World War II Memorial

    After viewing - one can only conclude - these were literally PIGS.

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    I suppose that you will not hear that the unions declared this event as a mandatory meeting. If you don't go then you pay a fine. While this is not likely to be true for all of the union members it was for those close enough to attend.

    Those that attended Beck's "Restore Honor" were all there on a voluntary basis. I should have gone and should have been carrying a huge sign that said.


    Yes this is true and can be validated by going to and then using your own calculator.

    We could easily add all of the debt that was incurred by the democrats congressional control the previous 40 years prior to the republicans taking control in 1994.


    Seems to me that you can or will not read, hell you can not even spell your name properly.

    Look at the reports, everyone of them claim that this meeting of the mindless (liberals) did not have the depth nor the density of the Beck rally.

  • Yakuza
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    This will tell you they type of groups/people that attended this "event"

    It wasn't even close to the number of people that attended Becks rally.

    175,000 to 600,000.

    I like the sentence under the last picture of the limk.

    puny [ˈpjuːnɪ]

    1. having a small physique or weakly constitution

    2. paltry; insignificant

    I am very sure the asker was referring to the #2 meaning of puny,hmmm and perhaps the weakly constitution too.

    Or are they just weak on their support of the Constitution ?

  • Anonymous
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    Our country is dying because of people like yourself. Party Hacks, selfish,self-centered bias individuals who walk lock-step with those who would destroy America for the profit of the rich and big business. Mindless sheeple who are easily led by the misfit talk show hosts and fox news who themselves preach hate, lies, and division. You will never acknowledge that, and that's okay too! Because we are are entitled to our own opinions ! Problem is, when the end comes for America, and its near, people like yourself will run around blaming the other party for whatever, when America's downfall came because greed and profit (endorsed and promoted by the rich and big business) took America down. I know you won't agree with that, but when America no longer is a mfg country, and everything is imported, revolution will follow shortly. If you have no job, whatever the price is for anything if will be too much. THEN, the riots and revolution will take place. And believe this, they won't be burning and stealing from the POOR when it happens. When you think the size of a crowd is a big issue in this country, your priorities are soo messed up, you need to get educated about what's happening instead of trying to incite with ''cutesy'' questions!! JAY

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  • Anonymous
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    Yes, Democrats are thinner on average than Republicans (on average, with many exceptions). That doesn't mean they should be criticized as "puny"! Obesity is a serious health problem, particularly in the red states.

    More Democrats, on average, fit into a space than do Republicans.

  • bob
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, it was only about twice the size of the Glenn Beck Rally that was promoted endlessly by Fox and the right wing media in this country. My thoughts? You are just another right wing droid who has completely lost touch with reality.

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