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Science fiction/Fantasy Literary Agents?

Can someone provide me with a list of good, trust-able literary agents for science fiction/fantasy authors?

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    Anubis Literary Agency

    Barron's Literary Management

    Barbara Bova Literary Agency

    Halston Freeman Literary Agency

    KT Publishing Relations & Literary Service

    Evan Marshall Agency

    Schiavone Literary Agency


    Baker's Mark Literary Agency

    Loretta Barrett Books

    Curtis Brown

    Chamein Canton Agency

    Nancy Coffey Literary & Media Representation

    Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency

    Fielding Agency

    Folio Literary Management

    Hidden Value Group

    Linn Prentis Literary

    The Literary Group International

    Lowenstein Associates

    The McCarthy Agency

    Pavilion Literary Management

    Valerie Smith Literary Agent

    Talcott Notch


    Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency

    Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency

    FinePrint Literary Management

    Fox Literary

    Ashley Grayson Literary Agency

    Jill Grinberg Literary Agency

    Halyard Literary Agency

    Antony Harwood Limited

    Richard Henshaw Group

    Jabberwocky Literary Agency

    Virginia Kidd Agency

    KT Literary

    Lyons Literary

    Donald Maass Literary Agency

    Ricia Mainhardt Agency

    Martha Millard Literary Agency

    Dee Mura Literary

    L. Perkins Associates

    Raines & Raines

    Scribe Agency

    Lynn Seligman Literary Agent

    Spectrum Literary Agency

    Sternig & Byrne Literary Agency

    The Stringer Literary Agency

    Cherry Weiner Literary Agency

    Source(s): From my "2011 Guide to Literary Agents" book. All of these agents are legit, however some of them are better than others. You should check P&E and they'll tell you which ones are recommended: Check each website. Some agents work alone, and other are in a group. A group agency usually asks that you choose an agent to represent you. So make a list of agents that you think will like your book the most (most websites have an area where they show each agent's profile) and send your query to those agents.
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    3 years ago

    Schiavone Literary Agency

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  • 4 years ago

    If your story has D&D characters or world then no regular publisher will publish it. I don't know about Wizards of the Coast and whether they have the rights to publish such books. But, you don't have the right to publish what amounts to fanfic without permission of whoever holds the publishing rights or copyright. So, Tor and Daw are out as are all the other publishers UNLESS you get permission from the powers that be to publish this novel. I don't know about the other publisher. On the Wizards of Coast website, you can submit with or without an agent. If their contract is negotiable, i'll try to get an agent first because agents can get you more money and better terms for your contract. But, whether or not you can get an agent for this particular publisher also depends on how much advance they pay. If the advance is too little then an agent might not be interested.

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    9 years ago

    The Going-To-Bed Book

    This book is short, but very, very cute. I know it will be a favorite book before bedtime. (we read quite a few short books)


    I would like to say you can check out at ebay there are good books available.

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