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Why do so many people it seems like hate on the Cowboys so much and Romo for that much?

There are a lot of people who like (not necessary Cowboys fans) them but you can tell a hater right away.

Calling Romo homo and chokeo. Can't let the botched snap 4 yrs ago go. He didn't choke at all last season and when we played the Vikings he was constantly running for his life.

One of the guys that I work with say he is not a fantasy QB (bull$h!T) and that he is overrated, (again bull$h!t).

He is very much a fantasy QB and if anything he is underrated and doesn't get enough credit.


"Fantasy Football, Romo is a good QB to have, but that is not REAL football."

Duh. He is good fantasy QB and a good QB in REAL football.

"Jerry Jones was stupid enough to let T.O go, instead of yelling at Romo and Whitten

they let T.O go. is the reason people hate on the Cowboys"

That was probably the best move he's ever made in his 22 years as the owner! Are you kidding me with that sh!t dude!! Like Troy Aikman said, "Sometimes you getter by subtracting" and that is what we did. We have Miles Austin who is just as good as T.O if not even better and Roy E. Williams has showed up and is starting to show us why we spent a bundle of draft picks on him. In short, most Cowboys fans don't miss T.O aka cancer, disease, drama-queen and are glad he's gone.

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    Dude i live in Texas a couple hours away from Dallas

    i know what you seem

    i always hear jokes like the"dallas cowgirls"

    to me they are a good team

    people are jelouse i guess

    they have a strong fan base

    great stadium(been there twice)

    and lots of money

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    Blame Jerry Jones. I'm an Eagles fan who would hate your Cowboys if they were owned by Mother Theresa,but Jerry Jones is definitely the most hateful aspect of the Cowboys. He's a d***. Also,Romo needs to do a little more in the post season to get a better rep. I said it about Donavan McNabb for a decade,and I'll say it about Romo: Do something more! That's how it goes in football,that's why Roger Staubach is a hero and Archie Manning is a trivia question. They were both equally good,but ONE turned his talent into rings and the other didn't. That's harsh,but that's the NFL. Get it done!

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    Terrel Owens left S.F for Philly.

    And after all those years of Philly knocking on the door,

    T.O held the key to open the door of the Super Bowl.

    T.O fought tooth and nail and played in that game fresh off a broken ankle

    in which most players take a year to heal, T.O did in like 4 games.

    T.O also, had like 12 catches for 130 yards or something

    Only for McNabb to allow his nerves, and was so, out of shape that

    he started puking on the last drive of the game. McNabb blew it.

    T.O came to big D.

    Jerry Jones gave T.O a helicopter ride anytime he wanted it.

    T.O had hug numbers that year. HUGE

    Romo threw for so, many TD's that year to TO I think it broke some Dallas team records

    But only Romo blew the game on the choke.

    The following year two.,

    And well last year Romo and Whitten looked good on paper, well we saw the real deal


    Fantasy Football, Romo is a good QB to have, but that is not REAL football.

    And this is why, so many people hate on Romo,

    Jerry Jones was stupid enough to let T.O go, instead of yelling at Romo and Whitten

    they let T.O go. is the reason people hate on the Cowboys.

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    The Cowboys are the Yankees of the NFL. They have the skins on the wall and a very large fan base outside of their home territory.

    Just as people who aren't Yankees fans tend to hate them arbitrarily, so do those who aren't Cowboys fans tend to hate them, even outside their respective divisions.

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