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Biological washing powder10mks

1. Why the biological washing powder can remove stains from clothes easily?

2. Why is it necessary to soak the clothes in a solution of this washing powder for several hrs before washing?

3. Suggest a way to shorten the soaking time. Explain your answer.

Please answer in English.

Thanks a lot.

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    1. the stains may be insoluble those washing powder, there's enzyme digesting proteins into soluble substances like short peptides, thus remove the protein stains.

    2. catalysis of break down of proteins is relatively slow compared to duration of washing process. longer soaking allows sufficient digestion of proteins.

    3. use warm water (not boiling water!) to soak the clothes. higher temperature will promote faster reaction of digestion.

    finally, one hint -- this's Chemistry section. you should go to Biology instead.

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