banning of private cars

Whether or not private cars should be banned from the roads?

please give me at least points

they do not have to be in paragraphs.

thanks a lot!

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    Banning of private cars.


    1. Less traffic jam and will mean less travelling time for public transportation or taxi.

    2. Fewer accidents

    3. Less costly for the government to maintain roads with fewer vehicles using them.

    4. good for the environment with lower fuel usage and less pollution.

    5. healthier life style with people walker more often and longer distance.

    6. families can accumulate wealth faster when they switch their spending on cars (which depreciate in value) to savings, investments, or buying real properties (which usually appreciate in value, especially in the long run).


    1. Inconvenience for people who could save time using private cars, and problem for people with difficulty walking.

    2. loss of revenues or shut down for local businesses related to car import and sales, freight, maintenance, financing, insurance etc.

    3. loss of jobs, and loss of revenues for the government as car related businesses fail.

    4. loss of vehicle permit fees and fuel tax revenues will mean having to transfer the taxes to public transportation, and switching the cost of maintaining the roads from the rich to the poor.

    5. Lower consumer spending could lead to economic slow down and affect property values, leading to recession.

    Source(s): my past learning
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