由於對投資研究相當有熱誠, 經過研究員與基金經理人的歷練,獲得經驗與抗壓力,期許自己能挑戰更高領域,有更寬廣的發揮空間。



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  • 1 decade ago
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    After graduating into the electronics industry is engaged in research and development [ led ] to the financial industry is interested,

    so after you leave the Formosa Plastics,

    select input Wang investment team,

    engaged in the work of the researcher.

    As a result of the investment research is a passion,

    after the researcher and the Fund Manager of the experience gained experience and resistance to pressure, hopes he can challenge the higher areas,

    there is a wider play space.

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  • 1 decade ago

    After the university graduates, invests electronics industry to be engaged in the led development and the research Because has the interest to the financial industry, therefore after leaving Formosa Plastics Group, the choice invests the king to invest the team, is engaged in researcher's work. Because to invests the research quite to have the sincerity, passes through researcher and fund manager's informed and experienced, obtains the experience and the compressive resistance, hoped that oneself can challenge a higher domain, has the broader display space.

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