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    Dear Mr. Thomas,

    How are you sir? From your letter I could tell you have earnest feelings toward your apartment. I can understand how you feel, after all you have spent so much time in the house, to certain degree the house is like part of the family. It is absolutely important to have someone who will really take good care of the house like it's her own family.

    I assume you get many offers to rent the house , and I certainly am one of them. I am a girl who came from Taiwan. I'm twenty seven years old. I used to work for a cosmetics company in Taiwan. I finished my work in August and just arrived here on Sept 22. The purpose of staying here is to improve my English ability. My language school is XXXX located on xxx St., When I finish my English lessons in four months I'll be attending xxxx College to start my study of Cosmetic beautification for six months. The college is a locally known beautitian college. I am a quiet person, I like reading, wactching movies and art, all non athletic activities. I care about other's feeling and pay attention to quality of living. If you let me live in yourhouse, I will maintian it in a way that when I leave, It will be like I've never been there or better. I hope you believe that I can be trusted. My agent arranged for me to stay with an Indian family that has 3 childrenwhich located near xxxx station. They are very nice to me; but I found their food intolerable. The sound barrier of the rooms are unbelievably bad.In order to have my own privacy and respect theirs. I decided that I should move out of there.

    I needed some help to complete this letter, I hope that you realize that I am really sincere about renting your room.

    My expected move in date is :October 10, 2010

    My expected move out date is: July 31, 2011

    I you decide to let me move in, I will leave my cell phoe number and skype connection to ensure that you can check in on the house at all times.

    Thank you very much!!

    Sincerely, (妳的名子)

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