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Prozac vs. Zoloft for anxiety?

I am starting Prozac 10mg soon but wanted to know which one is really better for social anxiety? I think i meant to ask my doctor for zoloft but is Prozac just as effective for anxiety? They are both SSRI so they do the thing right? Is Prozac or Zoloft the one that make people sleepy?

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    Prozac and Zoloft affect different people in different ways, one is not better than the other, try both and use the one that works the best or has less side effects.

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    The thing is they all hit the brain differently, and differently on each person.

    A nurse was telling me how zoloft is good for anxiety so i tried it, it did help a bit so im happy with it. for severe anxiety though youll need more, even though they say anti-depressants cure anxiety like you said they're SSRI's so they just target seratonin.

    Any one of them can make you feel sleepy. There is no answer. So what i recomend, my anxious friend, is you change to Zoloft since your not 100% happy with Prozac (you can always switch back) and start taking a Benzodiazapine. It may be Klonopin. See if that helps. That can make you sleepy though.., even antiphychotics can. Anti-depressants don't as much so if your anxiety>sleepy than take as many as you can too find the right one, practice being soicial and find the right one!

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    prozac and zoloft are a anti depressant.. They don't help anxiety.. You need to be put on an anti anxiety as well.

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    Ask your doctor these questions. He can give you definite correct answers.

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