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Regarding the Rutgers University teen who was driven to suicide by his roommates who broadcast his sex life -?

... on the web

Are you shocked at the hatred shown by these straight students who hounded this poor guy to his death?

What would be an appropriate punishment/prison term for this murder?


@ Spanx

culprits were one guy and one girl which I found surprising considering how conservative that place is

Update 2:


whereas I partially appreciate your answer I am always surprised that some straights openly say with impunity that they find 'gay behavior' off putting

a/ too bad and it is rude to say so

b/ it isn't behavior: it is who the person is

Please learn to avoid saying anything. It isn't acceptable to broadcast unwanted opinions about WHO people are just because you have an opinion that is based on your own flaws.


Don't forget those two murdering students played in to that *feeling* you have and it was that opinion that drove the kid to kill himself ie the fear of mass opinions like yours ((which are dysfunctional in any event)

Update 3:


comparing your dysfunctional violent character whereby you channel murderous rages into legal armed combat is an irrelevant comparison

Your entire post is an example of why this young man killed himself and the fact that you think it is OK to say it is the kernel of the problem.

You do not have a right to legislate what two lovers do and I for one never speculate what 'people like you' do in the privacy of your own homes and it baffles me why you would.

Aside from the fact that certain sexual acts are common to both gays and straights I am bewoildered by this nonsense that is trotted out all the time re anal sex.

It is nothing to do with it

Being gay is part of who a person is just as being het is undoubtedly a part of your identity otherwise you wouldn't be saying all this and if you disagree with that you are wrong and mired in a mistaken opinion. Do more research.

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    I would have been humiliated to have my sex life broadcast, and I'm straight. I've always wondered why sexual orientation was such an identifying part of someone. It's not like I've been going around all my life and saying, "My name is _____ and I'm straight" and being judged for it. Appropriate punishment would be for a court to decide. People think that the internet is harmless, but it's far from harmless. It has been a way for some to cause great damage and suffering to people. I have been chewed up and bullied on this very site to the point of depression.

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  • 10 years ago

    I don't know the whole story but I've never understood the need for cruelty. Any person, gay or straight would be mortified, the more sensitive to the point of suicide.

    What a waste of talent, what grief to his family and friends. And shame to people who carelessly indulge in this casual cruelty.

    They will have his death on their conscience.

    As for sentencing - you can never pay for someone's death. There is no compensation other than a punishment which is according to the law. And the laws that were broken were quite minor ones, I think.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Like I said yesterday, the max for illegally taping him. I agree they are P'sOS, but it wasn't like they shot him or pushed him off the bridge.

    Trev, I'm straight as an arrow, and I find gay behavior off-putting, but I believe live and let live. Those kids were mean spirited to do that. My advice for that kids family/friends would be to go "out of bounds" and take the law into your own hand. No man-made justice will make you feel better. Go for self.

    EDIT: Thank you for the discourse....I apologize if I offended you, but I disagree with your premise.....the behaviors are different than the person. Ex. I'm a violent person by nature and military training. When pushed, I can and have used extreme force on others. But I don't go around punching people for no reason, nor am I a terrible person when I read the newspaper Sunday morning. Same thing with gay behavior. If you fancy a man or share time with your bf, that's cool.....having butt sex with him is a different matter. You can love and care for him without that vile act.

    Also, to compare this type of disagreement with viciously and hatefully tormenting somebody is absurd. But I thank you for the opportunity to discuss this. As you can imagine, I don'[t have any (openly) gay friends so these opportunities aren't common.

    (I kind of feel like one of those people who went on a racial bashing spree and is now meeting with Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson to "start the healing" lol)


    1) what the hell is a "mistaken opinion"?

    2) I'm not trying to legislate what you do in your own home....I even said live and let live...I just don't agree with it....any I almost never bang chicks in the butt unless they are very loose.

    3) How the hell can you compare not agreeing with homosexuality with proactively attacking and plotting to humiliate a student?? I agree they were need to chill out!

    4) I think I see now why trying to extend the olive branch is a bad idea......

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    10 years ago

    Hi Trev.

    No, I am not shocked about the event, as I have lived on this rock for 54 years, but I am absolutely appalled once again, over how sick and perverse that those idiots who killed him were.

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    10 years ago

    Whatever charges the Court decides apply - prosecuted to the full extent of the law. They need to be made an example of, this needs to become a precedent-setting case. In hopes of acting as a deterrent, for when other sadistic and clueless morons feel the urge to play a similar "prank".

    Look the victim in the eye:

    It breaks my heart, I can't hold his gaze. Collective guilt that some people in our society actually choose to dismiss this act of evil as a "prank".

    Of course the Rutgers freshmen who did it should be expelled from Rutgers, that goes without saying.

    I hope their academic careers are ruined. I hope their professional careers are ruined. May they live out the rest of their lives bussing tables in restaurants. May they live long and poor.

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  • Hmmm - Kemo Sabay - 'murder' wrong word - white man must have intent in white eye law for murder, not same for Indian, Indian murder even when look sideways. Boys not Indian, therefore no murder.

    Great Cloud of Steam in tribal circle say possible depraved indifference, but still no intent, would need White Eye television Law and Order prosecutor to find with this one. Make fire now - bake squirrel.

    Not called Tonto for nothing.

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  • Nova
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    10 years ago

    Shocked about what? He killed himself.

    Anyone with the mindset to KILL THEMSELVES will find a reason to do it, regardless of the stimulation.

    Gay people are just using this to promote their Gay Rights agenda.

    He kill himself. What about men who kill themselves because their gf cheated? Are you gonna call women cheaters murders too?

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