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i have a netgear WGT624 router and everywhere i look it says my ip address should be something like

i want to access my router settings so i can change the nat type on my PS3 (which is a type3) but i dont know how to access my router settings. please help!

Note: i messed with my host files a long time ago to be able to connect to an online game. could this be the problem?

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    If you have a PC connected to the router, in Windows you would go to a command window (cmd.exe) and see what the command "ipconfig /all" (without quotes) shows for gateway IP. Then in a web browser enter that IP in a URL like

    If a password has been set on the router you will need to know the password.

    If all else fails download the docs for your router and do a hard reset to reset it to factory defaults with default password. But before you do that make sure you know what you would need to set if anything for its WAN (internet connection). For cable you likely would not need to set anything (automatic IP), but for DSL it depends whether your modem handles PPPoE or if that is bridged and PPPoE login (username/password) was set on the router.

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    Your router has just been set up to use a different private network address than the default. Most SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) routers are set to use 192.168.0.* or 192.168.1.* addresses by default, but there are other addresses that can be used. There are many reasons that people use different address ranges, but they should all work just fine.

    IP addresses that start with 10. or 192.168. are reserved for "private" networks - those created, for instance, as a home network. These addresses are only legal inside a private network, and are not allowed on the Internet. Your router passes traffic between your network and the Internet, and keeps track of what device (computer, game system, etc.) has what internal address. So having addresses that start with 10.1.10. is just fine. Your router's address should be; if you go to that address in your browser, you should see the router's setup page.

    Your PS3 should have a setting to use DHCP (or to automatically get its IP address). That way it should get all of the information that it needs from the router.

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    You can find your routers ip easy enough. Connect to the network through LAN or wireless with a laptop/pc. Press the windows+"R" keys to bring up the Run window. In the address bar type "CMD" and hit enter. A command prompt will come up in a black window. Then type "ipconfig" and hit enter. A list will drop down saying IP address, default gateway, and subnet mask. Your default gateway is your routers ip address. Take that info and type it into your web browser's address bar and hit enter. That should bring up your routers configuration page. If it asks your for login/password and you have never set one up it should still be the default login which you can look up in google by searching your routers make and model. Hope this helps.

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    ok the is your gatway to the routers address ...put that in your browser where www goes now then..you will be promted for the password ..i hope you remember it once its in your in the router settings hit me up at zxor38@yahoo.com and i'll give you more insight

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