give me a list of most famous israel companies in the world?


u kno y i asked this?

I asked this to boycott them in future

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  • Shay p
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    9 years ago
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    20 largest companies:

    Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Bank Leumi le-Israel, Bank Hapoalim, Koor Industries Ltd., Israel Corporation Ltd, Israel Electric Corp. Ltd., Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd, Tnuva, Super-Sol Ltd., El Al Israel Airlines Ltd, Tnuva, Blue Square Ltd., ECI Telecom Ltd, Israel Discount Bank Ltd, Delta-Galil Industries Ltd, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, Strauss-Elite, Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd., American Israeli Paper Mills Ltd.

    Aerospace & defense: Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd,

    Food: Osem Investments, Strauss-Elite, Tempo Beer Industries Ltd., Tnuva, Tnuva,

    Banking: Bank Hapoalim, Bank Leumi le-Israel, Clal Industries & Investments Ltd, Israel Discount Bank Ltd, United Mizrahi Bank Ltd.,

    Wood & paper products: American Israeli Paper Mills Ltd,

    Chemicals: Frutarom Industries Ltd, Israel Chemical, Makhteshim-Agan,

    Retail: Blue Square Ltd., Super-Sol Ltd.,

    Conglomerate: Israel Land Development Co. Ltd.,

    Electronics: ACS-Tech80 Ltd, Alvarion Ltd. (ex BreezeCOM), BATM Advanced Communications Ltd, Camtek Ltd, Eltek Ltd, Matav-Cable Systems Media Ltd, Nexus Telocation Systems Ltd, Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd, Optibase Ltd, Orbotech Ltd, RADA Electronic Industries Ltd, RADVision Ltd, SCNV Acquisition Corp, Silicom Ltd, Smart Link Ltd, Tioga Technologies Ltd, Top Image Systems, Ltd, Tower Semiconductor Ltd,

    Packaging: Carmel Container Systems Ltd,

    Energy & water: Israel Dessalination Engineering, Israel Electric Corp. Ltd., LdE,

    Equipment: Nur Macroprinters Ltd, Scitex Corporation Ltd, TAT Industries Ltd., Ceragon Networks Ltd, ECtel Ltd, Elbit Ltd, LanOptics Ltd, AudioCodes Ltd, Paradigm Geophysical Ltd, RADCOM Ltd, RIT Technologies Ltd,

    Telecommunications equipment: Ceragon Networks Ltd, ECtel Ltd, Elbit Ltd, LanOptics Ltd,

    Computer hardware: AudioCodes Ltd, Paradigm Geophysical Ltd, RADCOM Ltd, RIT Technologies Ltd,

    State: Public institution,

    Holding: Dankner, Elco Holdings Ltd, Israel Corporation Ltd, Koor Industries Ltd.,

    Real estate: OCIF,

    Media: Mirkaei Tikshoret,

    Private Person: Arison Dorsman, Shari, Arison, Theodore, Ben Yitzhaks (famille), Dov Lautman, Ofer, Yuli, Shaked (famille),

    Pharmaceuticals: Compugen Ltd, Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.,

    Health care: ESC Medical Systems Ltd,

    Telecommunications services: Aurec Group, Bezeq Israel Telecom, Cellcom, ECI Telecom Ltd, Gilat Communications Ltd, Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd., Orckit Communications Ltd,

    Transportation services: Arkia Israeli Airlines, El Al Israel Airlines Ltd, Israir,

    Financial services: Astra, Omega,

    Computer services: Accord Networks Ltd, Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd, Arel Communications and Software Ltd, Attunity Ltd, B.O.S. Better On-line Solutions Ltd, BackWeb Technologies Ltd, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, Cimatron Ltd, ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd, CommTouch Software Ltd, Crystal Systems Solutions Ltd, Jacada Ltd, Magic Software Enterprises Ltd, Precise Software Solutions Ltd, Retalix Ltd, Sapiens International Corporation N.V, Verisity Ltd, VocalTec Communications Ltd,

    BOYCOTT ?? start with your cell phone most compartments are either made or patented by Israel, same with your computer, and be sure to ask the hospital were a family member is hospitalized to please not use the Israeli invention called stent you know, the one that opens clogged arteries.

  • 3 years ago

    List Of Well Known Companies

  • Cheryl
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    4 years ago

    There was intellegence streaming in about attacking the US, but no one really knew what to do b/c it hadnt happened since Pearl harbor! Bin Laden had already bombed the World Trade Center in 1993 and then they took credit for the USS Cole being bombed....but during this time the Clinton administration did not do anything to get Bin Laden, even though Clinton had ample time and opprotunity to do! 9-11 had been in the works for such a long time and one must remember that Bush had only been in office for 9 months and that is not time to go over all the intelligence that had been streaming in....The Clinton administration however had time and reason to look closer at Bin Laden! He knew that he was a threat, but he also was too big a baby to try and get him....Bin Laden was in reach before 9-11! Everyone who blames Bush for 9-11 needs to do research and learn the facts from the fiction!

  • 9 years ago

    You want to boycott Israel ??

    Fine you ignorant person. Here are some things you should do.

    Return your computer because Intel develops its chips in Israel.

    Return your cellphone because the backbone of cell technology is Israeli.

    Don't get sick because you wont be able to afford medicine. Unless of course you are willing to buy the generic versions created by Teva an Israeli company.

    If you happen to get a colon or stomach decease you will need a painful endoscopy because the pill camera you could use is an Israeli invention.

    You'd better also get your will updated because all of the airline security is based on Israeli methods.

    This is just the few things that come to mind. Oh there is more!!!

    In the last 3 years we have won the Nobel Prizes for Chemistry and Physics, I'm sure these are developments you are not interested in. Also last week scientists at Hebrew University, Jerusalem worked out how to kill the AIDS virus. But go ahead boycott that as well. I'm sure you don't care about the millions of lives that could be saved by this.

    In short, move back to a cave.

    Israeli products have influence on all of our lives every day.

    But if you want to be a hypocrite the just stop buying the best citrus fruit in Europe. Chances are it is Israeli.


    • why is there a ban in Europe and America to talk about what Hitler did to you people. What a double standard is this? If your people die then it is not fear and if Muslims die then you people get happy.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Almost all big companies in the world are co-operating with Israel. If you want to boycott Israel you will have to go naked, and make your own food, and throw out all the technology in your house. Even USBs are an Israeli invention. Why don't you go burn down your local computer store then?

  • 9 years ago

    For an extensive list of Israeli companies to boycott,see below for a link to the Global Boycott,Divestment and Sanctions for Palestine movement.

    @Shay - the coronary stent is an American invention - same as the mobile phone (although Canada and Sweden also have claims).

    A little research will show that many of the Israeli "inventions" cited are actually nothing of the kind.

    I'd like to believe it is the result of sloppy research,but these "mistakes" appear here with depressing regularity.

    Hasn't Israel enough achievements of its own without attempting to plagiarize those of other nations on its behalf?

  • 9 years ago

    HAHA. good luck boycotting products developed by Israelis. youre gonna end up living in a box with crappy food, technology, and health care. Israel is a HUGE contributor to the advancement of the world....have fun!

  • 9 years ago

    Microsoft Israel

    Intel Israel

    Motorolla Israel

    IBM Israel

    There are a few brief 'famous israel companies' for you to boycot!

  • 5 years ago

    Thats right, no need to boycot their products. They should serve us, we can not boycott animals... we should rather learn to control them. Because whenever left un-attended, they are a danger to the entire mankind.

    • you said right. if they iggnorent and illiterate people (supporters of israel) take a view in the history, they will find these people as enemy of mankind.

  • 9 years ago

    That coffee company. Don't remember their name, as I never bought coffee from them. You must remember them? They were placed under an international boycott for buying handguns for the so called settlers. The results was that they had to close down 600 outlets in the US and I think here is Australia they were able to retain half a dozen only. They are still in existence but I am not sure what their long term future looks like.

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd: among the largest generic drug manufacturers in the world and one of the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

    Oil Refineries Ltd: capable of refining approximately 9 million tons of crude oil per year providing a variety of products used in industrial operation, transportation, private consumption, agriculture and infrastructures.

    Israel Electric Corporation: supplier of electrical power in Israel.

    Israel Chemicals Ltd. (ICL): produces fertilizers, metals and other special-purpose chemical products.

    Elco Holdings: produces household appliances, air conditioning units and electro mechanical equipment.

    Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI): aerial systems for military and civilian usage.

    Tnuva: largest copany in Israel for milk and dairy products.

    Vishay Intertechnology: world's largest manufacturers of discrete semiconductors and passive electronic components.

    Makhteshim Agan: one of the largest companies in the world manufacturing pesticides and agrochemical solutions.

    Intel Electronics (Israel): Israelis are behind the Core 2 CPU, MMX and other several other developments.

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