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how to talk to a shy guy..?

theres this boy At my church that I like. His brother has told me two times in the past that he likes me but when ever they come to church (they usually come on second Sundays for youth Sunday but his brother said they might be there next Sunday to work in the kitchen) he don't ever say nothing. He's older than his brother, but noone knew cause he always off to the side. But he is jii like always looking at me

I want to try to start a conversation with him but idk how to start a convo with him


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    Well, if you go to the same church then you have many things in common. That could help you if you want to speak with him and "break the ice".

    Maybe some good activities take place at your church, Maybe some Spiritual topics are easily to speak. You can try to know his degree of spirituality and for knowing that you have to ask him many questions (long time to keep a conversation).

    And that could be a great opportunity to know if he is the kind of man you're looking for.

    If he feels comfortable with your conversation and questions then you are on track.

    Sorry if my english is not too good but I'm a native spanish speaker from Mexico City.

    I hope you soon have a new friendship with him.


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    Well sometimes in my experience (I'm pretty shy too), if there's a girl I've noticed, but we haven't ever talked, and you keep seeing her and not talking, it gets harder to ever strike up a conversation, cause you feel awkward...Like, she'll wonder why I'm suddenly talking now after all this time. Probably in this case just say Hi and make some casual conversation, I'm sure then he'll start talking... You might just need to give the first nudge here.

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    sit next to him and say hi with a nice smile. he should say hi back. you should ask him something about himself that you know of. like if you know he's into a particular movie, ask him about it. idk. hopefully after you start the conversation he should try to carry it on, but since he's a quiet guy, maybe you should prep yourself on topics to bring up throughout a conversation.

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    ask him about his school or just something funny that happened in church.

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