What are called if....?

....you are from the countries: Chad, Zaire, Djibouti, or Burkina Faso (all of these places are countries in Africa).

For example:

If you are from Mexico, you called Mexican

If you are from Canada, you are called Canadian

If you are from Cuba, you are called Cuban

that kind of stuff...

I'm not looking for extremely broad terms like you are called a person, human, your name, Earthling, African, Asian, South American, I have no idea, etc. Please be specific (but please give a general term, if that makes any sense...I'm not looking for demographics).

If you know only one of these, but not all three, please still answer. And this isn't like a homework question or anything, so you don't have to worry about helping me cheat or whatever ;)

Thank You!


Like I mentioned before, I'm not looking for extremely broad names like African. I already know that... duh lol

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    Chad - Chadian

    Djibouti - Djiboutian

    Burkina Faso - Burkinabe

    Zaire - Zairean

    They're called demonyms, so if you want to know any more countries, you can just go to google, type in the country's name, and then type "demonym" after it.


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    Chad- Chadian

    Zaire- They changed the name to the Democratic Republic of the Congo- Congolese

    Djibouti- Djiboutians

    Burkina Faso - Burkinabé

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    To be called =D

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    You'd be called "African". But Africans identify more with their tribe or ethnic group so with each other that's what matters most, with non-Africans, we're just "African".

    edit - oh, I understand what you mean now. Chadian, Zaire is now called "Democratic Republic of Congo" or just Congo so you'd be Congolese, Djibouti would be Djiboutian, I think..and for Burkina Faso you'd be a Burkinabe.

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    Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Good luck with this question. Most americans think that Africa is a country.

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