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Ace Cash Express a good place to get $1,000 loan?

I'm a college student and I recently got a part time job. I'm looking forward to purchase Alienware laptop which cost about $1,039. I'm willing to pay more than a minimum monthly payment like a 100 dollars or more. Is there any way I could loan some money for it? This is my first time doing this. Thanks!


Please dont tell me to not buy Alienware. I decided what I want to buy or not.

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    This is silly. You're talking about spending $100 per month AFTER spending $1000 on a laptop. You can get a GREAT laptop for about $700, and save the rest for an even better laptop in 7 months. Alienware is just a big brand name. They're not worth the money, and you can't afford them anyway.

    Edit: well then go ahead, why are you asking if you don't want validation?

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    If you have to get a loan to buy a gaming computer, you cannot afford the computer.

    If you only have a part time job, you won't get a loan.

    Thank goodness.

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