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Agree or Disagree: The "Sweet Chin Music" is the BEST finisher in WWE history + BQ?

BQ: Agree or Disagree: Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H at Bad Blood was the BEST Hell in a Cell match EVER?

Of course, Undertaker vs. Mankind is also a candidate but that match just was all about spots, not wrestling ability.

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    I would argue that yes, Sweet Chin Music is the best finisher in WWE history. Between its effectiveness, it being able to come from anywhere and from out of nowhere, and how many memorable Sweet Chin Music's we've all seen, it's the best.

    As for Triple H-Shawn Michaels HIAC, I watched it recently and thought it was an epic. I understand what they were going for with the drawn out ending, but I did think that was a bit much. Other than that, it was overall one of the best HIAC matches ever. If I had to put which ones I think were on par with or might've been better, I'd put HBK-Taker, HHH-Cactus Jack, Taker-Lesnar, Batista-HHH and Edge-Taker. So it's definitely in the top 5 or 6 Cell matches ever.

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    Yeah, one of the best. It comes out of nowhere and can put your teeth down into your throat.

    But anyway it's not the best, the best finisher is Tombstone Piledriver. It would break your neck and also Pedigree is another great finisher.

    BQ : Disagree, I know this match is pretty brutal and the climax of the classic Triple H vs HBK feud, but the wrong man wins. It's pretty sad, it should be the babyface HBK who wins this feud, not the heel Triple H. Also, the match takes too long, it goes 49 minutes, and that'spretty boring for a HIAC match. HIAC should be 30 minutes. And HBK and HHH usually try something new in their match, but this match is just a street fight inside cell. That bores the hell out of me.

    The best HIAC match is The Undertaker vs HBK at Bad Blood 1997, The Undertaker vs Mankind is the most brutal.

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    The Superkick is a great finisher, but wrestlers have used better finishers in the WWE. Death Valley Driver, Double Underhook Powerbomb were better finishers in my opinion.

    Personally, I feel as if Cactus Jack/Triple H match at No Way Out 2000 was the best HIC match. (Not because of the excessive violence, but the match in general was great.) I feel as If people overlooked the actual Undertaker/Mankind HIC match in 98' because of the insane bumps Mankind took in the match. No one ever talks about the actual match.

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    Disagree it's a great move but it is not the best

    BQ Disagree it was a good match don't get me wrong but Hell in a Cell matches are not suppose to be wrestling ability it's suppose to be just pure carnage which is what the Taker/Mankind match was pure carnage

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  • Disagree. There are tons of other finishers. HBK was just great at performing it, and it was a move that was hard NOT to sell. There have been loads of better finishers, he just happens to be one of the best superstars in WWE history, and THE best to ever do a Superkick.

    BQ: Disagree. I agree with your opinion about Taker/Mankind, but I think maybe one of the best was Taker/Lesnar, except for the fact that it was a draw. After tomorrow, I think there will be a new #1.

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    The Sweet Chin Music is not the best finisher

    BQ: No, I like the Armageddon Cell match

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    BQ: Yes, I hate when people put Taker/Foley over Michaels/Helmsley

    NO, the Sweet Chin Music is just a kick to the face, same impact as a lot of other moves: MVP's Player Boot, Sheamus's Bicycle Kick, etc. One of the best in WWE is a move by Michelle McCool, the Faithbreaker. (TNA's Styles Clash)

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    Disagree. It's awesome when HBK does it but all it is, is a sidekick.

    BQ: No. Undertaker vs Mankind

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    Im gonna go with no on that one. I think he chose that move cus hes not much of power lifter and he had major back injuries. I like more technical moves like the fishermans suplex/perfect plex, lion tamer not the walls of jericho, texas cloverleaf, crossface and or lebell lock! Also, I think Ortons back breaker is pretty sick!

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