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Can Yahoo Answers not take action against derogatory , defamatory , sarcastic and humiliating answers ?

I was reading answers to one good question on Mahatma Gandhi. It was painful to see the answers. The "intention" of the answerer was to make mockery of the question and asker. There are many questions for which you get stupid , sarcastic , ridiculous , irrelevant , defamatory , derogatory , humiliating and insulting answers. When Y!A is so prompt about violation of QA format , can they not include in their community guidelines answers which are falling in above criteria ? What are your views ?


Edit - Balaji, your suggestion is good but we hardly get time to answer questions, from where we would find time to report ? As against trolls seems to be having all the time in the world in reporting. There utility value is nil but nuisance value is high.

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    A very good question. There are yahoo community guidelines. But, many members chose to use humuliating answers utmost using their imaginations and also pointing some members due to jealousy, due to ego, or some personal reasons. This is purely against yahoo community guidelines. Many members did not answer direct to the questions. They are side lining the question, and chose to answer something unconnected to the question using their talents. who will teach them discipline and decency in giving answers. But, it is happy to note many many more members following community guidelines and doing answers correctly. Because of handful, a few elements, many yahoo members feel sad, and more and more yahoo members did not care these answers is true. so, as some questions too which you left to point in your question.

    It is a pleasure of them in floating, as well as giving answers in such a bad manner which will not help them in any way. They themselves can read and enjoy, but those people forget that they are losing respects from the answer community. i am not telling this for self praise, i never indulge, or remark, or using oppotunity to find fault on others. i am going on my way of telling good moralities, good stories, good news, about great people, leaders, philosophers, writers, siddhars, about Tirukkural and thus i am doing my service perfectly. This is also irritating a few members. How this member alone getting good name in the yahoo ? i will come and tarnish the image of that member saying that member is having more ids, that member is asking question, and getting best answer to the same question etc., i will ignore reading such questions and answers, and if so happened, i will smile only for their efforts to tarnish my image in vain.

    i am coming almost daily or in alternative days with a movie and a song which you can see in my profile. Thus, i am doing good service in telling good through movies.

    my thanks to you for this question and i used this question to answer as well as to tell my aim, ambition, and motto to be here. Thanks again.

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    I see a lot of answers that should get deleted, and yet they seem to remain, I never understand how their system works. I have seen wrong answers in the dog category, and the information provided by the people answering would have killed this ladies dog if I had not been answering in dogs that day. It seems like the reporting system needs an overhaul, I am not sure how to solve it. I had a child copy and paste one of my answers and submit it on their account, and when I reported that to yahoo, they removed the answer, but that doesn't stop it from happening again. It really distressed me. I have seen people and every answer they give is rude and insulting and yet all 12 of their accounts are still going strong. It does make you wonder how some people just get away with things.

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    there is a lot of nonsense on YA,but thats why we as a community have to take some responsibility by tidying the trash up,report everything that does clearly violate rules.

    a lot of those woud come under the rules,its the level of them that count more so.

    as for wishnuwelltos message,

    aim to become one,or get a top reporter if know any onto it if its clearly in violation like that,we can remove it quickly-posting advice which coud lead to harming a dog or risking their life comes under the doing harm rule.

    am TR but only use a limited amount of boards.

    a lot of people complain on YA about the trashy posts to users on their questions,but dont report,

    thats the only way we have them removed,but it shoud be stuff definitely in violation-not when its a matter of opinion difference or bias.

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    A free forum provided to the public would never be interested to spend more. It is the general public to clean the road and not of the Municipal Corporation. However a part of the taxes received is spent to clean the road. Any action against the waste-throwing public may harm any permanent bodies corporate. Let us just stop it and be a model example to others.

    Yahoo answers take care of your suggestion and you are given the right to claim.

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    Only the responsible members of the Answers community can do that, not Yahoo. Answers like what you brought up in your question can be reported as Community Guidelines violations and will result in the users getting their accounts suspended. Remember those rules ensure there's no free speech here. Offending content isn't allowed on Answers because certain users can be irked by them. By reporting those users, they will be put on notice their flippant behavior won't be tolerated here and can result in the suspension of their accounts. That's all to it.

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    y/a should take action against the user who answer in a derogatory manner..

    it greatly hurts the one who questions...

    y/a should suspend the accounts of such persons

    when their intention is to mock the asker, they have to send them personal message and not mock a national leader who has great respect among millions of people

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    listen... you should report it and should please star that question.. this is an effiecient way to update the content to your network... the people in your network also read that answer and they'll also file abuse report.. Yahoo! expects more than 2 trusted reports... So please file abuse report promptly and please star the question...!

    I would like to say one thing... Trolls knows very well about community guideliness and reporting system... they using the reporting system very well.... so some times our genuine contents also getting caught.... Then why dont we use the reporting system in proper to way get rid of the nuisance cases? So please do report it...!

  • Yahoo! Answers does not censor Q&A. That would be a hassle to do so. It would cost more and it would take a longer time to post questions and answers. It is up to the Yahoo! Answers community to report them. When 2 or more trusted users report an answer/question, it will be removed.

  • Friend,

    I understand your concern.

    But it is FUTILE ONE.

    YA Q & A team seems to do do nothing.But it appears that they are doiing some thing since a long time.But when actually it materializes God alone knows.


    This has been brought to their notice several times.

    Cloning and trolling and senseless prattling and unparliamentary language usage and personal attacks on some faiths are going on .

    If you can bear BE HERE other Wise QUIT.

    This is my personal opinion please

  • 9 years ago

    All is Well. Keep going, ignore them. The best thing Mahathma Gandhi said love your enemies too, you decide.

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