what are the neurotransmitters released in petellar reflex?

I am a little confused. my teacher went to fast on this part of the lecture haha

so i have that the petellar ligament is stimulated

that causes muscle spindle to lengthen which

a synapse to form in the L2 vertebra ACH is released then glutamate is released

quadriceps muscle is stimulated causing leg to move

i think i have the neurotransmitters backwards or something?

i don't know

please help lol thanks in advance!

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    It is PATELLAR REFLEX not petellar.

    1) Muscle spindles (transducers in quadriceps) are stretched.

    2) sensory impulses are carried on dendrites up along a spinal nerve to the unipolar sensory neuron (ganglion cell) in the dorsal root ganglia.

    3) the ganglion cell relays the impulse out along its axon into posterior gray horn of spinal cord, where it synapses with an association or internuncial neuron.

    4) The internuncial neuron sends an impulse along its axon to a motor neuron in the anterior gray horn.

    5) The motor neuron sends an impulse along its axon out through the ventral root, through the spinal nerve to quadriceps femoris. At the motor endplate, acetylcholine is released, causing contraction of the muscle. The leg kicks...

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