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why are people so scared of Hel?

I mean it's a place of eternal rest where you rest in a hall full of your ancestors if you don't manage to make it into Valhalla.

so why fear it? well other than the whole Garm ordeal.


Rolling Stone: Hel is short for Helheim, land of Hela goddess of death.

Update 2:

The Black Rabbit of Inlé, supposedly neither was Iceland but what they don't mention is that Christians had cut off all their supplies and told them pretty much to convert or never be able to trade again.

what next are you going to tell me the Baltic crusades were peaceful?

please refrain from using Wikipedia is Knowles is iffy at best when it comes to history.

Update 3:

here is a bit of untold history for ya.

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    BR of Inlé, you cannot, repeat, CANNOT convert for another person. Yes, kings and queens converted and named their lands "Christian" and many of those same countries are officially Christian countries with state sponsored and taxpayer supported churches to this day, including my own homeland of Norway. However, the general population did NOT convert. The result was christian invaders being welcomed in by various royals to torture and kill anyone who refused to convert, along with harassment, imprisonment and seizure of land and goods from the Heathen population by the the christian agents of the good king. My own family left Denmark and fled through Sweden and didn't stop until we hit the far North of Norway in the mid/late-900's where most of my family lives to this day (and where I was born and raised). When your own neighbors are murdering you just because you won't worship a foreign deity it really is best to just get out.

    Do please try to remember that just because a King or a Queen converts it doesn't automatically make everyone there the same religion. When they convert to an aggressive, universalist religion they can TRY to make everyone the same religion overnight, but if they are smart about it they'll simply remember that Germanic tribal faith systems do NOT indoctrinate children, do NOT proselytize and have no interest in spreading their faith. All any ruler would have to do, and what DID happen in Sweden for the most part, is wait for the inevitable intermarriage between Heathen and a faith that is more concerned with how many followers it has than the quality of those followers to tip the balance in favor of the invaders. This made Sweden the last fully European Heathen country, lasting over 300 years longer than Norway and Denmark who saw fit to harass or even kill their citizens - even landed, wealthy families like my own. Which is, of course, why we're so very fond of living above the Arctic Circle to this very day. This also why to this very day there are pockets of Heathens in rural areas who aren't particularly fond of strangers bearing crosses and even our Christians still act a lot like Heathens in some ways ("everyone needs each other" is NOT a christian concept, for example - it doesn't get much more Heathen than that)

    SoA - most people in the US are frightfully uneducated about not only their own faith, but also the culture that spawned that faith. There is no place of fiery torment in the base faith that spawned Christianity and Jesus would not have believed in such a thing either. From all accounts, he was a good Jewish boy or he would not have been able to be labeled "sinless". So unless he created it, it probably didn't enter the christian religion until the conversion of Constantine, when many Pagan and Heathen practices and ideas were adopted by the church and labeled "Christian". Apparently calling it "Christian" even though it is a Pagan/Heathen practice or belief tricks their deity and they aren't breaking his commandment to "learn not the ways of the Heathen". The place of fiery torment is a Hellenic Pagan concept, not a Judaic one or even a Hebraic Pagan concept.

    I can understand to a point where they would use the word "hell" to describe this place. As Lady Hel/a is a guardian goddess of the dead the association would come naturally, just as the word Hades (Hellenic god of their underworld) also came naturally and is used in some parts of the bible. Apparently death itself and the deities that watch over our beloved dead are "scary" to some.

    Also remember that in archaic Scandinavian languages that the word "hell" is indeed used to mean something other than the goddess or her realm. However, it's a word that has to do with cliffs, overhangs and/or caves on or nearby them. There's a small village in Norway not too far from Trondheim named Hell. If you have your picture made there do try and have it made at the old train station under the sign that says "Gods Express". That simply is a very old fashioned way of saying "cargo/goods service/handling". So basically it's their shipping department. Well, it was. I don't think trains even stop there anymore.

    Basically, the faith that jacked the word and misunderstood (or at least blatantly misrepresented) the concept behind the word also jacked the concept of Tartarus to strike fear into the population. They don't care about the quality of their converts, only the quantity. So it is not Hel or Helheim they are afraid of at all - it is Tartarus they fear. They just don't know this for the most part.

    This also proves that most of them either never read their bibles or don't believe them. The bible says the wages of sin is death, not an eternal life that's really, really going to suck. So hell believing types are calling their own god a liar.

    Source(s): Forn Sed Heathen
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    Well, I've ridden ample coasters to mention that if a coaster appears frightening, trip it. I was once scared to demise of Vortex, and that i hadn't even ridden it. I ultimately dug up ample braveness and rode it, AND I LOVED IT. Italian Job is a kiddy-ish coaster, it has no loops, just a helix, an attitude, and a tunnel. To recover from your phobia, I recommend strolling via the enchantment awhile and watch the persons pass via, after a even as, it will get to yer brain that it appears like amusing! Try it, it really works! :)

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    Because if it does exist it would be a place wear you would be horribly tortured for all eternity! I don't think the demons would let you take a break from it all and let you visit your zombie relatives.

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    Hel? What the hell is hel?

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