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title:a famous people who i admire?


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    I admire Lang Lang(朗朗), the wide-known pianist. He shows me endeavour

    is the key to succuss, even a talentless person like me can have a chance of

    being success.

    Nowadays, people see his talents, but when he was in primary school, his music teacher believed he is talentless at music. Did he give up? Yes, he did, for a

    while, but he soon discovered that if he gave up here, he might regret for his

    whole life.

    "Play the same song over and over again is dull, but it's neccessary to practise

    the skills and it's a good way to anneal your patience," he once said. Just like doing homework is tedious, but it's essential to build up our knowledge and be

    prepared for our future career.

    Though I know nothing about piano, I can feel his passion via his song. By now, I am still finding my dream. When I find it, I hope I could be like him, a men that never abandon his dream, no matter how many difficulties are ahead of him.

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