Windows 7 Blue Screen of Death (HELP PLEASE)!?

This is a Process 1 initialization failure.

Safe mode doesnt work nor does startup repair.

I recently installed a updated dll. file (ntdll) to fix a earlier problem from dll

How do I fix this?


I cant even get to the desktop either!

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    1 decade ago
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    Hi there,

    Viruses and registry problems lead to this situation, use a good antivirus like Kaspersky or Norton and use a system cleaner such as Reginout to fix your problem. Also read this article I paste here for you. I hope it would help you out.

    Anyone using Windows has likely experienced the infamous ‘Blue Screen of Death’, a.k.a. ‘Windows Stop Error’. This is a common error that occurs whenever Windows senses a software, hardware, or driver error preventing it from operating properly. So basically, almost anything from a minor glitch to a major system malfunction can cause this error to appear.

    Sometimes this problem will go away with a simple reboot and you may never see the blue screen again. But more typically, the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is an indication of something serious and it will not simply go away. In terms of how to fix the Blue Screen of Death, there is no simple answer to that. Fixing it means first diagnosing the problem to find out what is wrong with your PC.

    If you are not one of the lucky ones who can fix the BSOD with a reboot, then you will need to do some diagnosis to resolve the problem. With all the possible reasons for the BSOD ranging from software to hardware, or hardware drivers, it is very difficult to list a precise set of instructions for every possibly BSOD. The first step is to narrow down the possible source of this problem.

    If you are seeing the BSOD randomly, even when in safe mode, chances are it is a hardware issue. If you have recently installed new hardware, this may be the culprit. One solution may be to remove the new component to see if the problem goes away. If you have not installed anything new, then you will need to investigate further. If you are not comfortable unplugging and re-installing hardware in your PC, this may be a good time to have a technician look at it.

    If nothing showed up on the scans, then boot up again in safe mode and use the built in system restore utility. When running your system in safe mode, you can still access all the recent restore points created by the system restore utility. Run your system from the last known ‘good configuration’. On the other hand, if you know a recent software installation is the cause, then restore to the point created at that date.

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    1 decade ago

    Is your computer freezing or crashing or getting the blue screen error?

    We all know how annoying this can be.

    Especially when you're in the middle of a project and lose hours worth of work because you computer froze up.

    Here are a few tips you can use to stop your computer from freezing up or getting the blue screen of death.

    Unless you have a hardware problem,

    like a hard drive going bad or a video card driver problem the reason you're computer is freezing or crashing is because of registry errors.

    95% of the time this is biggest cause of freezes and other general problems like slow start up,

    slow shutdowns, blue screen error, freezing, slow applications and a general lack of computer performance.

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    why people are still using windows after the news this week about the stuxnet worm ,All I can say which i have been telling people for the passed 3 years move over to Linux it does not get viruses malware spyware or trojans, it fast stable and secure and free to download plus the fact it's up todate September 30 2010

    check it out here

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    1 decade ago

    Same here, Its a virus that comes off of downloading files. My laptop shut off today and said fetal error harddrive check crash 444:error something thing and then boots back up just fine How to fix it Idk uninstall the file that might work I got my off a google earth download

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  • 1 decade ago

    Install Windows XP. You'll never face this problem again. Otherwise, if you keep installing Malwarebytes etc to remove this problem, you can't.

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