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Why are so many of my family members looking down on Glenn Beck?

Personally I think it's jealousy as millions of people listen to him and not the members of my family. I asked my brother-in-law what he thought of him, and his snooty reply was, "yes, he seems to appeal to high school dropouts such as you!" My mother calls him "uneducated" despite the fact that he went to Yale, my sister calls him a fraud even though this is a man who goes to church every single Sunday without fail and abstains from drugs and alcohol and has no record of ever having cheated on his wife. What is with some people? They would rather get their talking points from the liberal media instead of someone we can all relate to!

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    Well, maybe your family has some living brain cells left, or maybe they're not interesting in a mincing, gutless, completely mercenary scum bag who sell hate like soap or cereal.

    You're wrong. Beck never did anything at Yale, at least not that he finished. He does not have a single college credit, and barely got out of high school. He lies constantly. He is a fraud. Just his historical insanities and lies, such claiming the Nazis were "progressive", "liberal" and "left wing" define him as lacking the dignity of rat smegma. When he launches his insane and insidious propaganda fantasies about the Constitution, if you want to be literally sickened, sit there and check on his statements with a copy of Yale, Kamisar, and Choper...everything he says is so wrong it is 180 degrees removed from the truth. The lying simpleton doesn't even quote cases properly, or even refer to key opinions, or to any of the major texts on the document and its background, which means he has no intention of allowing his audience to understand the actual subject matter.

    Beck is a mere shill and front man for the most corrupt, insane, demented influences in American society--AEI, the Koch brothers, the Freedom and Enterprise Institutes, USCOC, and so on!--and is directly tied to Roger Ailes, one of the few full-time propagandists in history, and the only one I know of who has actually been convicted of CRIMINAL LIBEL.

    What you call "liberal media" pretty much does NOT even exist. But scum maggot REACTIONARY media does, and the name of its main dishonest criminal practitioner is Glenn Beck.

    Beck has a long history with booze, too.

    But most important, he preaches the most deranged, defrocked, and fraudulent doctrines in history--interposition, nullification, secession, and various other dangers so terrifying as to make his fear-mongering dwarf in comparison.

    He is basically a Nazi propagandist, without any principles of any kind, with no interest in truth.

    As a patriot, he ranks with Judas Iscariot, Vidkun Quisling, and Benedict Arnold. As a thinker, he ranks up there with Pinocchio and Joe Isuzu. As an intellect, he is far below Elmer Fudd or Porky Pig.

    Source(s): Reality, where mercenary propaganda hacks like Beck aren't allowed to even mention.
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    The family members who are discouraging you are right. Beck is a slimy, lying douche bag, and a paid shill for the crackpots of the Nazi right wing.

    He went to Yale? Is your family Scandinavian? Maybe they meant "jail"???

    As far as I know, this disgusting little wimp/rat hasn't a single college credit. He has no knowledge, and most especially has no honor.

    By the way, did you know that Hitler and this disgusting little peckerhead share titling their hate rallies about "restoring honor"? You think maybe that's an accident? It isn't.

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    You're lying to cover the dirtball.

    He has no higher education at all of any kind.

    He has told many hundreds of blatant, imbecilic lies on his Fox propaganda and hate program.

    He has told many thousands of "half truths", to include listing his opinions and crazy projections as facts.

    He is a notorious flimflam man without redeeming virtue.

    Treat the scum as if he had the plague, because from a moral and intellectual point of view, he does.

  • He is a massive liar, a scummy propagandist, and the most unprincipled huckster ever to burden the public with his socio-psychopathic routines.

    No one with a sense of decency can tolerate that piece of stinking excrement.

    Mercenary is one thing. This filthy little rat has sold his soul to make money, and to the very worst influences on the planet.

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    Your brother-in-law obviously has personal issues with you to make a comment like that and neither of those two first opinions are typical of liberal talking points that I've heard. Liberal talking points usually go along the lines of saying Glenn Beck appeals to the MISinformed, not the uninformed. The usual attack is that he is brainwashed or a puppet who is trying to brainwash people or do theatre. What your family has said indicates that they identify too strongly with THEIR educational background(I'm guessing a lot of college). As far as going to church every Sunday and having a clean record, these don't necessarily mean Beck isn't a fraud, as many dedicated con artists have historically gone above and beyond in order to fool their victims(I'm not saying he is a fraud either).

    My personal opinion of Glenn Beck is that he is like a used car salesman. The reason I say this is because of how often he dramatizes everything, even to the point of crying when no normal person, even one who believes as Glenn Beck does, would go that far in those cases. I always hear him talking from a self-centered point of view(he constantly makes references to himself and his struggles and compares them to large historical and political figures).

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    i think of that maximum all of us believes in social justice. i think of that Glen Beck is gentle (as many are) to the way government takes money from people who've, then supplies indescretionatly to those who don't have. government does this in such a style as to harm the two the prosperous and the undesirable. The Mormon church teaches a concept noted as Consecration. Consecration is a unfastened selection willingness on the area of a individual to sacrifice all they have, for the artwork of God. this is the regulation of the celestial kingdom. now and returned interior the background of the international, the church practiced a style of united order the place the contributors of the church are "of one heart and of one soul: neither suggested any of them that offered of the flaws which he possessed grew to become into his very own; yet that they had all issues straight forward" (Acts 4:32). The early Christian church practiced this (see Acts 4:32 by way of Acts 5:10). This order will only artwork whilst persons are unselfish. the prosperous ought to be prepared to grant and the undesirable ought to be prepared to artwork. in assessment, communism forces human beings to grant and forces human beings to artwork. It takes away freedom of selection. it relatively is Satans counterfeit for authentic Christianity. it is the problem with the present government welfare gadget. The Mormon church tried living the united order interior the 1800's yet gave it up as a results of fact the individuals weren't waiting for it. instead, God insituted the regulation of tithing to coach the contributors of the church for a extra trouble-free day. The regulation of titihing only demands a member to grant 10 p.c. of their develop. This regulation is very useful in increasing the religion of a member. He who won't be able to sacrifce, won't have good faith.

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    Most self-respecting conservatives I know loathe Beck. The reason is the one you see in here

    constantly: he is an unprincipled con man and a liar.

    Most so-called liberals I know find the moron hilarious with his fake history and Constitutional lies and insane distortions.

    He lacks the dignity and honor of a cockroach.'

    Nothing about him is legitimate.

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    Beck is a lying charlatan, with neither the integrity nor the dignity of rat smegma.

    Anything positive you have ever heard about him is b.s.

    No one on this planet is more insane, fraudulent, and destructive.

    The man is pure repulsion and hate personified.

    And yes, he is a slobber-mouthed, semi-literate NAZI, pure and simple.

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    It takes anyone with even minimal education or intelligence only a few moments to recognize Beck for what he truly is. A con man, playing his marks in the way that best suits his own financial gains. Listen to him if you want but believe nothing of what he says.

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    He took ONE CLASS at Yale.

    Beck’s true religion is not Patriotism, Mormonism, or Conservatism. His true religion is cross-platform self-marketing ... According to Beck’s worldview, there’s no inherent contradiction between his sophisticated instinct for self-promotion, his propagandist rodeo clown act, his self-image as a media mogul, and his professed belief system. I think he actually believes that God wants him to make a ton of money and become this huge celebrity by fear mongering and generally doing whatever it takes in the media to promote right-wing causes.

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