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what is this baseball card worth?

Official license NBL limited edition 62,000 (MBL-S27-98) gold foil signature Mark McGwire 62 Home runs September 8, 1998

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    Consider yourself lucky if you can get a dollar for it.

    There are at least a half dozen different gold McGwire cards from the '98 home run record. Fleer, Upper Deck, Authentic Images, Score Board, and at least two others, including what you have, and the first three are edition sizes a lot smaller than 62,000. And those are not selling at all on eBay. The only one that did sell was the fifth (unknown maker), different from yours, and it went for a total price of $10. But that card had an authentic autograph (so says the COA).

    McGwire has had his problems, but his autographs on regular Topps and other cards still sell for more than $10.

    Meaning these overhyped, overproduced (when you add them all up) gold cards are something nobody really cares about. The record is now meaningless, and it's just another McGwire card.

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    It's probably not worth very much anymore since Mark McGwire had his whole steroid thing and is not as respected anymore. It's all about how much people want the card -- if there was only 1 card in a million but nobody wanted it, it's not worth anything. There were some related items of Mark McGwire's 62 home runs on ebay and they were going for $4.99.

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    62,000 isn't really "limited". What is NBL? Who made the Card, Topps, Fleer, Upper Deck?

    Mark McGwire cards are not worth as much as they were 10 years ago. I'd be surprised if it's worth a dollar.

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    4 billion dollars. And since you can get 4 billion for it, you can spend 7 bucks or so on a Beckett pricing guide and find out other prices!

    By the way, I am just guessing at the price, like most of the others will do when they answer.

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    9 years ago

    you're so rich you have a card that came from 1998.

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